Talk / Workshop - Waking Up - Norway

Dates: 23 - 23 July 2015
Location: Rødøya (Hlin's Island), Norway (see below)

Coordinator - Eva Hlin Hansen
General Information
Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson will be doing a talk entitled "Waking Up" in the afternoon of the 23rd July. They will also be present for the For the One Dance that occurs on the next day.

More information will follow.


Rødøya (Hlin's Island), Norway


General Information about the Venue
The Norwegian For the One Dance is being held on the small island Rødøya in the north of Norway. The island is a 3 hour fastboat ride from Bodø to the island where Hlin Hansen, her family and about 180 others live in the North Sea. Bodø is a 1 1/2 hour plane ride from Oslo.

1) From abroad: fly to Oslo Gardermoen (OSL).
2) From Oslo (or other major airports in Norway) fly to Bodø (BOO). From Oslo to Bodø there are two flight options: and
3) Then Fast boat from Bodø to Rødøya.

We have very detailed travel instructions available. Too detailed to put on the website. Please contact the local coordinator at who will give you lots of help. You will be supported the whole way.

Alternatively you can travel up from Oslo by train. The train ride will be the cheapest way of travel through Norway: NOK 300 - ($50/€ 38), but you need to book in good time. Check out The train is about a 24 hour trip from Oslo.

Please find below a map of Norway to help give you more of an idea:

Here is some additional info that might be helpful when planning the travel to Rødøya
When going TO Rødøya:
If you are flying to Bodø and taking the fastboat to Rødøya, you need to land at Bodø airport at the latest by Thursday 20th July before 2.30-3 pm (14.30-15.00.) The fastboat leaves 4 pm (16.00) all days. (Except for Sunday when it departs at 1 pm (13.00)

When LEAVING Rødøya:
Sunday 23rd July when the dance is finished, the fastboat departs Rødøya at 5 pm (17.00) with arrival Bodø 8 pm (20.00) There is a flight to Oslo around 10pm (22.00). You either need a sleepover in Bodø or Oslo.

Monday to Saturday the fastboat has departure 9am (09.00), arrival Bodø 12 pm (12.00) There is a flight to Oslo around 2.25pm (14.25).

The early flights to Oslo are cheaper.

There is a bus leaving for the airport at «ten to every hour». The first bus after arrival from Rødøya 12.50pm (12.50) If you take the bus you will be at the airport in ten minutes, in time to catch the 2.25 pm (14.25) flight.
With a car or taxi it is a 5 minutes drive. I think you can still ask on the fastboat and they will order a taxi that will be waiting for you as you arrive. It is only a short walk to the taxi stand from where you arive. To order taxi call: 07550

It is also possible to drive here from Bodø with a rental car, it takes about 3 hours and two ferries. If coming by car from the south you can get to the island Friday morning with the ferry.

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo