Teresa Hutson

In July 1999, I attended my first Dance, the Sun/Moon Dance at the Center For Peace in Seymour Tennessee. Having no idea what the Dance was, what it was about, or what I was saying “yes” to, I just trusted that I was supposed to be there. Two weeks later, I was in a Dance arbor in West Virginia, Dancing my first Sun/Moon Dance. It was a life-changing event, one that opened the Door through which a new level of Service would emerge. From that point forward, the Call to Serve began to move me in a direction that I would have never dreamed I could go.

Since that first dance serving as a support person, and my first Dance in an arbor, I have continued to say “yes” to Serving. I have either Danced or Served the Sun/Moon, Fire Dance, Women's Web, Long Dance, Spring Equinox Dance, and the “For The One” Dance. My experiences in Serving include Dog Soldier, Drum Chief, Moon Mother, Water Carrier, Assistant Chief, Fire/Water Keeper, and Dance Chief. I have served Dances in Germany, Norway, South Africa and the United States. Every Dance I have attended has helped me to grow, learn, heal, challenge myself, Love, and become the person I am today. I have been so Blessed by every person that I have had the Honor to Serve with, in all of these Dances. In particular, I am deeply Grateful to the Visionary of the “For The One” Dance, Jeanne White-Eagle and John Pherson, for they have been instrumental in the way that my Path has unfolded.

It is because of these experiences and the Healing that I have gone through, that I am able to step into the east gate and be a co-chief for the “For The One” Dance, this year. I am deeply grateful to be able to stand beside my beloved friend Brett Almond, to serve you, as your dance chiefs.

Please come and join us! Come Serve, Dance, Love and Laugh... come and allow your Heart to Open fully as you experience a Miracle in the Making... come be a part of an experience that will change your Life, forever. Just know that each and every person who says “yes” and shows up carries an energy that is perfect and needed for the Dance. There are no mistakes or coincidences, and all will be perfectly Divinely Orchestrated....

Listen to your Heart.... say “YES!”.

For the One Dance Experience
Crew and Chief training in South Africa.
FTO Crew in Germany, Norway, South Africa, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
Chiefed in 2009 with Geoffrey Tracey in South Africa.
Attended ARK Gathering in Wasserkoog, Germany 2012
Chiefed with Morten Ostbye in 2012 in Tennessee, USA.
Scheduled to chief in 2013 with Brett Almond in South Africa

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks English.

Events including Teresa Hutson
For the One Dance, Johannesburg - South Africa    15 - 17 November 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, North Carolina - USA    15 - 18 May 2015    Role: Chief