Star Dance - Tennessee - USA

Dates: 23 - 25 August 2013
Location: Center for Peace, TN, USA (see below)

General Information
This is a call for Dancers for the STAR DANCE, a sacred dance for All People given by Spirit through personal vision. This three-day event is about bringing balance to the land through fasting and prayer in movement. The dance renews our connection to the Star People and our cosmic heritage. It is also about gaining personal inspiration, breaking out of the stuck places in our lives, and moving into alignment with our Life Purpose. Many have found it to be a way to accelerate their progress on the path to greater spiritual awareness.

It is clear to all who are “awake” that the Earth is in the process of giving birth to something new. The outer chaos we see in the world is akin to the contractions that push the baby through the birth canal. But, we are all part of this process of birth and genesis. We can assist the process by choosing to walk a spiritual path, or we can go into resistance. The choice is ours, but it will have a great deal to do with the quality of our experience in the coming months.

If you are new to sacred dance, go within and seek to know if you are one of the Star-Dancers. Although there are many ways to serve, few have a greater personal reward than dancing. We would love to have you dance with us this year!

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For more information contact Margarita DiVita at or John Pehrson at

Star Dance

Cost / Donation
It is an exciting and important time to dance. The Star Dance can help each of us to step up to a new level of awareness. And with all the earth changes taking place, it can also help bring balance to the Earth. Come dance with us!

This year, the requested donation for the Star Dance is $450. Crew members are requested to make a donation of $50 for food, supplies and camping.

Center for Peace, TN, USA

Graves-Delozier Road
Tennessee (TN)

Travel Advice
McGhee Tyson Airport in Alcoa, TN is the closest airport. This is the airport serving Knoxville and surrounding areas.

It is about a 35 minute drive from the Center to the airport. Taxi service is very expensive and limited.
Please work with the Dance Coordinator about your travel plans.

TYS is the code for the McGhee Tyson Airport at Knoxville, TN, USA.

Sleeping Arrangements
Camping in meadow in tents. Compost toilets. Indoor kitchen and dining room.

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Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo