Sonja Flying Deer

Where from: South Africa, Germany & England

For the One Dance Experience
Sonja has attended numerous dances since 2004, serving in many roles including Head Moon Mother. She has travelled with the dances to pretty much every country the dance has been in and has been fundamental crew member.

Countries attended dances in: Germany, USA, South Africa, Egypt, Croatia, Bosnia, Ireland, Norway, Israel.

Community Building Training in Tennessee, USA 2006
Crew and Chief Training in South Africa 2007
Chiefed Crew Dance with Dom de Bruin 2007
Attended Ark Gathering in Wasserkoog 2011, 2012
Completed Open Heart Facilitators Training 2011-2012 Israel & Germany
Chiefed Croatia Dance in 2012 with Jens Ivers
Scheduled to chief in 2013 in Israel with Morten Ostbye

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks German, English and Bosnian

Events including Sonja Flying Deer
For the One Dance - Israel    23 - 25 May 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance - Croatia    11 - 14 October 2013    Role: Chief