Sammye Jo Harvey

Where from: USA

FTO Crew and Dancer in South Africa, Bosnia, Croatia,Israel, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Egypt, North Carolina and Tennessee.
Cheifed with John Pehrson in Norway in 2007.
Chiefed with Jens Evers in Norway in 2009.
Chiefed with William Charles Patterson in 2010 in Tennessee.
Attended Ark in Wasserkoog, Germany in 2010.

For the One Dance Experience
I have served the “For The One” Dance from the beginning, traveling internationally as Senior Moon Mother. I have also chiefed in Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Norway and Tennessee.

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks English and American Sign Language for the deaf.

I was born with the Christian name of Sammye Jo Harvey, named after my Grandfather who is from the Chippewa Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation. I grew up in a mixed culture of Native American and white. My native childhood name was Many Colors (meaning open heart). I have an elder’s name now that I have kept from when the children in Africa named me Mother Moon. I have also been blessed with the gift of many names. Israel has named me Hahova (Beloved); Credo Mutwa, High Prophet of the Zulu, has named me Indaba (Daughter of Many Stories). One of my jobs this lifetime is to remind people of who they are. I gently tap on their cellular memories and remind them they are light beings. I help them to lay down their pains of this and other lifetimes. I am only one of a billion light workers that are helping prepare for and raise our vibration consciousness and reactivate the memory of LOVE. Only by doing this will the earth be healed and peace come. I have been shown and told the time when this will happen. This is my responsibility.

In service to the people, I make myself available for personal Medicine Readings and Spiritual Counseling, as well as healing sessions for the body and energy field. I am also blessed as a third generation Story Teller of Chippewa Cree heritage. Having worked with the deaf for 12 years, I use American sign language in some of my stories.

Events including Sammye Jo Harvey
For the One Dance, Tennessee - USA    22 - 25 March 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Norway - Norway    25 - 27 July 2014    Role: Chief