Robbie Warren

Where from: USA

Robbie Warren

Robbie lives with her partner Trai at Sacred Grove Retreat Center in North Carolina, USA where she is taking part in a growing spiritual community. In addition to doing her spiritual group and individual work, she leads sweatlodges, shamanic journey groups, and drum making workshops in North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Africa. Robbie is also the visionary and chief of the Fire Dance, which she has been blessed to take to Germany and South Africa.

In addition to FTO Dances, she has been a firekeeper at the Sun Moon Dances; Moon Mother at the Star Dances;
Dancer at the Women's Web of Life, Long Dance, Corn Harvest Dance, and Drum Dance;
Dog soldier and Alpha Dog at the Star Dance;
Chief of the Corn Harvest Dance
Visionary and Chief of the Fire Dance in North Carolina and Germany

For the One Dance Experience
For the One Dance Experience
Chief and Crew Training in South Africa; Crew & Chief Gathering in NC.
Moon Mother in South Africa and Tennessee;
FTO dancer in North Carolina and Tennessee;
Dog soldier in North Carolina and Tennessee

Languages & Personal Information
English is her website for spiritual work

Events including Robbie Warren
For the One Dance, Tennessee - USA    22 - 25 March 2013    Role: Moon Mother
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
For the One Dance, North Carolina - USA    27 - 30 September 2013    Role: Host
For the One Dance, South Africa - South Africa    28 - 30 November 2014    Role: Chief