Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question we can add to this page then please email Please find below some questions that people have asked in the past. Please do feel free to ask other questions. You will be welcome.

Do I need any experience / qualifications to come to a dance? No, you just come as you are. You will be very welcome. etc

Is this religious? The "For the One" Organisation is not a religion. We have people from all walks of life, many different belief systems, and from many different countries....

Who do I contact if I wish to attend a dance or event in a specific country? The best person to contact will be the local co-ordinator for that particular country. Find the dance information then email the local coordinator.

I would like to host / coordinate a “For the One” Dance to my town / country. How do I do this? The “For the One” Dances are expanding to new countries. For any new dance we need a host and a coordinator. This requires focus, love and work in creating the space to dance and promoting the dance. To do this it is best that you have attended dances before, so you know what you are getting in to. If you are interested in asking about this then please contact Candy Barbee on

I would like to go be on the crew at a dance, but it is my first dance. What role should I do and how do I ask? The best place to start is by contacting the local coordinator (see the page for the dance you want to go to for their email address). Send them an email saying you would like to be on the crew. The first time on the crew it is good to be a Dog Soldier as you will get a full view of the dance and can really encounter the energy in a good way, or be in a Kitchen Angel (so called because as you return from the dance arbour having worked really hard, anyone who has had a hand in preparing the food is really like an angel to you), where you can learn to produce food with love. “Dog Soldier” is a term that is inspired by the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, who were honourable and brave men who would place their lives on the line to protect their people. (This is not a Native American dance though). There are other positions like Drummers, Elders, Moon Mothers, Sun Father, Alpha Dog where a little more experience is beneficial. The Chiefs put the crew together for a dance and work hard to put it together in balance and to feel which person is best in each position for that particular dance. If you would like to do a certain job at a dance then please contact the local coordinator and they will put your request forward. Also if it is your first dance, don’t worry, you will be amongst friends.

I would like to lead / Chief a “For the One” Dance at some point. How do I do this? Leading a “For the One” Dance is a big responsibility. And the first requirement is that you need to love the dance. And the second is that you need to have gained lots of experience travelling with the dance and fulfilling multiple roles as well as having danced. And the third thing is you will need to have attended one or more Chief training courses. A lot of training goes on around each dance as we learn how do our different roles. Chiefs are responsible for overseeing a whole dance and as an organisation we need to be sure those leading a strong, know their stuff and most of all love to do it.

I want to dance, but have financial difficulties. Can I dance? Questions like this need to be directed at the Local Coordinator. (Email found on the page for that specific dance). We would just point out that each dance has a lot of expenses and are not profit making ventures. Many of the crew give up their time and pay their own travelling expenses to get to the dances. But with this in mind we always feel that anyone who is genuinely called to dance should dance.

If I am on the crew at the dance what do I need to bring? This will depend upon the venue. Sometimes you will need to bring bedding, other times you may be able to hire a room. For being on the crew you will pay a nominal fee and food will be provided by the Kitchen Angels. If you turn up early and stay late at the venue then we normally all chip in some money and share cooking. Some things you will need: * A ceremonial skirt or sarong. Ie. A piece material that will go around your legs to mid calf length. This is to do with holding your energy in place. * Something to wear in the sweatlodge A full list of items is available from the Local Coordinator.

Future questions

How can I request to do a certain role at a specific dance? (Eg I would like to be a drummer at the South Africa dance)