Open Heart Facilitators Training Level One, Part 2 - Germany

Dates: 4 - 7 February 2014
Location: Wasserkoog, Germany (see below)

General Information
Following the ARK this coming Jan 25-Feb 1, we will have the completion of LEVEL 1 for those who began their training in February 2013. (This is Part 2 of LEVEL 1.)

There will be a two day break between the ARK and the OHP Training (Sun-Mon). We ask that facilitators in training be present at the ARK if at all possible, as this provides invaluable experience in the Open Heart Process.

The dates for the Open Heart Facilitator Training are:
FEBRUARY 4 (Tuesday 8:00AM) through FEBRUARY 7 (Friday night, 9:00PM/ 21:00).
Friday evening will be graduation.

For those of you already certified, this training period is an opportunity for BRUSHUP in the process to hone their skills. It will be those of you already certified who will be leading the Open Heart Process at the ARK.

One last note, we will not train any new people this February. Rather we are focusing on going deeper with you and helping to hone your skills. A training for new people, however, most likely will happen at some point in the following months.

NOTE: Whether First Timer or taking as Refresher, the cost for food and accommodation is separate from the training. Sophia is asking 15 Euros ($20) a day for food and accommodation for each day of training and days between the Ark and Training.

$500 total for both Part 1 and Part 2
Those who have paid only half of their training will be expected to pay the other half (or whatever remains for you) when they get to Wasserkoog, if not before. Ask if you have a question on this.

*Those coming to the training as a BRUSHUP course, we are asking a generous LOVE DONATION to "complete the circle," whatever feels in integrity for you.

To book your place or for enquiries contact:

Open Heart Facilitator Training

Open Heart Facilitator Training
The Open Heart Process is a process to help individuals and groups move through and beyond that which would divide us, helping us all move into a higher state of relationship, both with ourselves and with others… relationships marked with caring authenticity and deep understanding.

Please know that this Training requires a deep commitment at a variety of levels. We will speak with you personally if you're called to do this with us.

Wasserkoog, Germany

Wasserkooger Straße 14
25882 Tetenbüll

General Information about the Venue
Wasserkoog means Water Land. It is land reclaimed from the North (Nord)Sea. You can walk to the sea in 15 or 20 minutes from the Neue Scheule. Wasserkoog is a farming village without shops or gas stations. The nearest town is a short drive but too far to walk to buy groceries and petrol. Husum is a larger town with many shops, restaurants and a mall. It is located on a port on the Nord Sea. It is about a 30 minute scenic drive from Wasserkoog.

Photos taken and Video complied by Susanne Fuhr of Norway.

Travel Advice
Hamburg is 2 hours by car or train. Husum is nearest train station-about 30 minutes from Wasserkoog.

Hamburg is the biggest airport with train access. From outside Europe you may first fly to Amsterdam, Holland or Paris, France, or other large international airport and then fly on to Hamburg.

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo