Open Heart Process - UK

Dates: 8 - 12 April 2015
Location: Breathing Space, UK (see below)

Coordinator - Brett Almond
General Information
We are delighted to invite you to the first “Pathway to the Open Heart” retreat to happen in Norfolk, UK.

There is a group of us here who felt strongly we would like to invite others to come be with us in an Experience in Community.

What is the Pathway to the Open Heart?
The Pathway to the Open Heart is an experience in community. There is a divine magic that happens when we can truly begin to be authentic about who we are. It is based around M. Scott Peck’s work in Community Building.

To quote Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson:
“We don’t know how the gift of community happens, but we can tell you about it. Genuine, authentic, honest. Characterised by authentic communication. The experience is not to find friends or connection – although both might result. It is a paradox of the individual and the group. It’s about opening up a deeper part of you by connecting with a deeper part of someone else. Shared ownership. Learning to give and receive feedback. Authentic, honest, respectful, and in integrity with a deeper part of yourself.”

When talking about this experience, it is often remarked upon about the feeling of being part of a tribe, or something bigger than just ourselves and how that can bring a remarkable level of peace.

The process itself takes place in one room. We sit in a circle. You can sit on a chair, a bean bag, the floor or any way that makes you comfortable. During the Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday morning the Open Heart Process will take place in this room. We will break for lunch and evening meal and at other times during the day. It will continue on into the evenings.

During this time, we have agreed upon guidelines about how we interact.

I won’t explain everything here. But we sit in a wonderful room where we share from the heart. A natural determined process occurs that takes us on journey of discovery where over the time of the process we gradually start to enter a place of community and Open Heart. We do not start in that place, but we go on a journey to get there.

It is about experiencing how "being in community" with others can be when you are in a state of acceptance. Not as a concept, but as a feeling. It is about learning to accept ourselves and accept others as they truly are.

We may actually start to feel that there is magic in life simply by being able to exist as one truly is and being seen and listened to and accepted for that.

On the Thursday we will hold a sweat lodge, which is a healing prayer ceremony. We will sit in a circle in a dark igloo shaped structure which is covered with blankets and tarps. Water is poured onto the glowing hot rocks to make steam. The steam cleanses us on many levels. The lodge will be led by Brett Almond (UK) and Candy Barbee (USA) who have both led sweat lodges all around the world. Sweat lodges are used in the Native American tradition and other traditions as a ceremony itself as well as a preparation/cleansing for other ceremonies.

So you can pray for the things we wish to pray for and also be ready for the days ahead. We are seeking someone to keep the fire during the sweat lodge. Please let us know if you are called to work with the fire in this way.

Who is it for?
This course / experience is for anyone who wishes to be more of who they are and to touch the magic of being open hearted within a group. This does happen with an announcement to say we are now, “Open Hearted.” The process occurs naturally, and we go to seek it.

The latest arrival time is 6pm on Wednesday 8th April.
The earliest leaving time is 8pm Sunday 12th April.
(You will need to be here and sleep here between those times)

But we have also made arrangements so you can come a day earlier and stay until the Monday morning. This is included in the price. On the Tuesday evening we will be holding a Fire Ceremony (from the vision of Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow). We are hoping many or even most of us will be here for that.

Here is the itinerary in more detail:
3pm Tuesday, 7th April 2015 - Earliest arrival time at Breathing Space
6pm Tuesday – Fire Ceremony (From the vision of Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow). Everyone to bring some food to share for afterwards.
Wednesday – Free day followed by meet up at 7pm for the full group for the process to be together and say our names and share where we are. Those present may decide to go out somewhere during this day. (We will need to cater for ourselves all Wednesday.)
Thursday – Sweat lodge meet 9.30am to prepare together. Led by Brett Almond and Candy Barbee. Thursday evening approximately 7pm (after eating) facilitators will take over and hold an orientation for the “Pathway to the Open Heart”.
Friday, Saturday – “Pathway to the Open Heart”
Sunday – The process may continue or if we have reached community we may have a day to be with each other and experience what it is like to be in this state of Open Heartedness. It depends on where we are as a group. As it is a natural process it cannot always be predicted.
Monday 13th April – Depart Breathing Space by 11am. Possible day out with those remaining if desired. Possible evening meal somewhere if those remaining desire.

Accommodation & Catering
The fee includes a bed to sleep in for the dates as listed above from the 7th to the 13th April. We are taking over Breathing Space for this time. Mags (who runs Breathing Space) has given us a low rate for “taking over” Breathing Space. She will be taking part in this process. We will need to take group responsibility for the cleanliness of the place.

Breathing Space normally takes 12 people but we have adapted it so it will take 24 including the facilitators. So accommodation will be snug, with often 3 or 4 to a room. You will be provided with a mattress and bed linen. Some from UK may be asked to bring bed linen but we will provide for those from outside UK.

Anyone from UK who can loan Breathing Space a mattress please do let us know! Thanks.

Towels won’t be provided. Please do bring towels / flannels / toiletries.

Breathing Space does have showers, but in order to conserve the hot water we will be asking for showers to be kept as brief as possible.

The fee for this includes food from Thursday 9th April until Sunday 12th April (4 days). We will be buying food for this time. We are seeking someone to prepare food but we will all need to assist in tidying up, preparing breakfast and being involved in the kitchen on occasions.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs. Eg vegetarian, vegan etc.

[If you, or you know someone, who would like to come to this event and cater for the four days for us please do let us know! You should be able to cook good, healthy food. Ideally we are seeking two people, one leading and one assisting. You will be able to stay for minimum 8-12 April but even better if you can stay the whole time. You would not take part in the Open Heart Process itself as you would be in the kitchen. But we do know that those serving in the kitchen do often feel a part of the process and feel they are in community also. It is a magical place to serve and very much part of the experience. You would not pay any fees.]

For the days outside of the actual course we will be preparing food as a group with volunteers preparing food at different times. Outside of the 4 days we will all contribute to food costs, with a rough estimate of £10 a day.

Who is facilitating?
From the evening meeting on Wednesday until the end of Sunday we have three facilitators who are coming a long way just for this event:
Candy Barbee (USA)
Haghit Rosenberg (Israel)
Irit Barber (Israel)

They have all taken part in the “Pathway to the Open Heart” experience many times and are trained facilitators. Thank you Candy, Irit and Haghit so much for saying, “Yes” to coming to England to be with us!!

How much does it cost?
This is a not for profit experience. We have made the price as low as possible.

Candy Barbee, Haghit Rosenberg and Irit Barber have generously agreed to come and facilitate this course for only their travel expenses. And the organisers are also doing this voluntarily.

So if you would like to come be part of this we would welcome you. The cost for accommodation, food for 4 days and the course itself is on a sliding scale (pay what you feel you can afford) of between £265-350. We will appreciate you paying us in UK pounds if possible. Some rough equivalents of other currencies are below.
($450-$560 US / 350-450 Euro / 1650- 2100 Israeli Shekel / 2900-4000 Norwegian Krone / 3200-4200 Swedish Krone / 4800-6500 South African Rand)

How to book / Ask Questions
For all queries or to book your place please email the coordinator Brett Almond:
Or ring 07806 611264 (UK mobile)

For accommodation queries feel free to email Mags on:

If you wish to come, please do email Brett though as soon as possible as we do have limited places. Even if you are a “maybe” please let us know that too.

To reserve your place you will need to send a deposit of £70 or equivalent. As this is not for profit we would also really appreciate it if you can pay the remainder in advance of arriving if at all possible as we have flight costs and food costs to pay.

In UK you can send to:
Account number: 02052885 Sort code: 11-05-72
Or via PayPal to
Or pay cash directly to Brett or Mags

Open Heart Process

Breathing Space, UK

Heath Priory
Staithe Road
Hickling Broad
NR12 0YJ

General Information about the Venue
The event will be held at Breathing Space ( in Hickling in North Norfolk, not far from the Norfolk Broads (a large protected wetland that has the status of a natural park, see for more info) and the Norfolk coastline. Breathing Space is a retreat space specifically set up for women, but this event is for men and women as are some other events at Breathing Space.

Arriving from outside UK
If flying in from outside the UK there are four airports you could choose from. Heathrow and Gatwick will tend to serve flights better that come in from outside Europe. While Stansted and Luton have some of the budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet flying into them. There are good public transport links from these places.

Please though get in touch if you are thinking of coming, as we will all help to try to make your arrival in UK as smooth as possible. It may be possible to arrange for one of us to come pick you up (if you are willing to pay the petrol to the person driving. Cost for petrol might be between £30-40 UK pounds). Get in touch with

If not possible there is an airport bus service from all four airports through to Norwich where we can arrange someone to meet you.

Airports and distance by car to Breathing Space:
Stansted Airport (110 miles by car)
Luton Airport (145 miles by car)
Heathrow Airport (170 miles by car)
Gatwick Airport (175 miles by car)