Ole Bjørn Michel

Where from: Norway

Ole Bjørn has practiced shamanism and native traditions for many years. He has danced the Sun Moon Dance with Beautiful Painted Arrow and has chiefed the Sun Moon Dance, Longdance and the Dance of Light.

He believes the sacred dances and ceremonies are powerful ”tools” which can help us to walk in balance and stay in touch with ourselves and spirit. He is a Waldorf’s school teacher, and on his spear time he makes the most beautiful drums. He plays the drum as well as the didgeridoo and has worked with sound and voice as healing methods for over 20 years.

For the One Dance Experience
Attended Ark Gathering in Wasserkoog, Germany in 2010.
Chiefed with Anne Ragnhild in Norway in 2010.
Chiefed with Anne Ragnhild in Norway in 2011.
Scheduled to chief with Sammye Jo Harvey in Tennessee in 2013.

Ole Bjørn has attended the ”For The One” Dance as Chief, Drummer, Dancer and Sun father.

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks Norwegian and English
Ole Bjørn is a Waldorf school teacher.

Events including Ole Bjørn Michel
For the One Dance, Tennessee - USA    22 - 25 March 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance - Norway    26 - 29 July 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Norway - Norway    25 - 27 July 2014    Role: Sun Father
CROATIA For the One Dance - Croatia    3 - 5 October 2014    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Norway, 2016 - Norway    22 - 24 July 2016    Role: Chief