For the One Dance, Norway, 2016 - Norway

Dates: 22 - 24 July 2016
Location: Rødøya (Hlin's Island), Norway (see below)

Coordinator - Eva Hlin Hansen
Norway would like to invite you to come to this special land of the Island of Rødøya. Since it is where the Arctic Circle crosses Norway, it is the furthest
north that we hold a "For The One" Dance. We believe there is something very magical in this location, and we are looking forward to creating a dance experience there together with you.

From outside Norway it is a bit complicated to take planes and trains and boats to arrive at a dance site, but all that just adds to the adventure and fun!

And then to have the sun never set while we are there is another interesting aspect to the uniqueness of this dance.

So, come be a part of this! Come and dance in the midnight sun on an island in the North Sea, or come and be on the crew!

Here's a video by Susanne Fuhr from the For the One dance in 2013. Thanks Susanne!!

Below is a wonderful video made after the Norway dance 2012.

General Information
The island is almost the exact point where the Arctic Circle crosses Norway. This is the land of the "midnight sun".

The dance is being held on the island of Rødøya, Helgeland where Hlin Hansen, her family and about 180 others live in the North Sea. Bodø is the closest and largest town on the mainland.

To get a flavour of the island you could check out this promotional video (not created by us):

Or see this website for more pictures of the island:


There are several places suited for tenting on the land. It is also possible to sleep upstairs in the barn if you have a mattress and sleeping bag. We have been given access to the swimming-pool where there will be a possibility to sleep on a mattress on the floor in the changing-room.( The pool is closed for the summer).

A small bathroom with a toilet and shower, will be available in the main house. There will also be built an outdoor toilet that everyone can use during the days before the dance (this will be reserved for dancers after the dance has started). We have been given access to the showers and toilets at the public swimming pool

Mattresses and bed covers: Currently, we have a small number of extra mattresses, and we are working on getting some more mattresses (for travelers who have limited ability to bring their own mat or who have special needs and require a proper mattress).

We also have a few extra sleeping bags, as well as warm bed covers. (If you need mattress or bed cover etc – get in touch with Hlin: phone (+47) 976 17 845.
We also have a couple of extra tents.

We have a shore-line in connection to the land, but it’s more of a rocky beach than a sandy one. There is also a newly made, small park next to our land where you can go sit at the pond. A tiny hill at the property gives a wonderful view of part of the island and the mountains on the mainland with the glacier “Svartisen” - The Black ice, Norways second biggest glacier.


Malin, who runs the local guest house, has several rooms, a couple small cabins and the larger, old parsonage. (In 2012 Klokkergaarden won the prize of Norways best marina, elected by the readers of the “Boat magazine”. ) The prices are expensive compared to the world, welcome to Norway!
It is also possible to camp on the beach Prestegården not too far away from the dance site.

Museum and more!
The island has a museum; about a 20 min walk from the dance ground. Admission costs NOK 50 ($8). They have a small coffee shop where you can buy waffles. It’s lovely to sit on the pier and look out the sea. In that area you'll also find a small glass gallery. At Solheimsvollen where the dance is held there is also a display of paintings and glass art.

Klokkergaarden also houses the only restaurant on the island. It is situated on the other side of the island from the dance site, it’s about a 30 minute walk. The fish dishes are excellent!

In the opposite direction, a 5 minute walk down the road, you’ll find the island's pub where you can get hamburgers, chips, etc. We also have a grocery store, and the post office is open one hour a day from 11.50 am – 13.00 pm

There are many good hiking trails on the island. The longest trail is the one up the mountain, Rødøyløva (“The Red-Island-Lion”) is 440 meters high. Where you’ll have a wonderful view over the Islands - with clear weather, you can see all the way to Lofotveggen (“Lofot-wall” – a long stretch of island mountains further north. This year a track has been made that takes you for a hike all around the island. The hike can be diffucult at some places, but if you like hiking, go for it!

The island has a number of beaches; we can mention Prestegårdsfjæra (The Parish Courtyard Beach), just 5 minutes away, and then there is Storsandene, which is approximately an hour’s hike away. Storsandene is really a series of 4 sandy, white quartz, beaches – beautiful!
In the “Fairy-tale-forest”, you can read fairy tales posted on the path, and you get to see the “Trolls door” in the mountain. To the North of the island, there are also nice hiking trails.

Bring a Sleep Mask as the sun doesn't set in late July, ear plugs and BUG/Insect spray as the flies and mosquitoes can be quite invasive!

We are also asking each dancer and crew member to bring their own spoon, knife and fork, a bottle for drinking water, and a roll of toilet paper.


Cost / Donation
Dancer fee is NOK 3600 (900NIS-Israel, 230E -Croatia, 150E-Bosnia, R1750-RSA,
$580-USA, 460E-Europe)

Crew fee is NOK 700 ($75-USA, 50E-Europe, 165NIS-Israel)

Fee for days leading up to the dance NOK 150 per night

Please contact the local Coordinator by email on:

We'll be happy to help!

In Language of Host Country
Stedet har flere fine teltplasser. Utenom telt er det mulig å sove oppe på låven. Lokalet er ikke helt tett, men fint egnet til soving på liggeunderlag/madrass og sovepose. Vi har fått låne garderoben i svømmehallen, hvor det er mulig å overnatte på madrass på gulvet. (Svømmehallen er stengt for det offisielle i sommer).

Et lite bad med do og dusj i huset vil være disponibelt for deltagerne. Det settes opp en utedo som alle kan bruke dagene før dansen (denne vil bli forbeholdt danserne etter at dansen har startet). Vi har også tilgang på toalettene og dusjene i svømmehallen, så det er rikelig med dusj muligheter.

Madrasser/Sengetøy: Vi har noen få madrasser til utlån. Vi arbeider med å få fatt i flere madrasser (med tanke på langveisfarende som har begrenset mulighet til å ta med eget liggeunderlag eller som har spesielle behov og trenger ordentlig madrass).

Vi har også noen soveposer til utlåns, samt noen dyner.
(Om du har behov for madrass/seng/dyne etc – ta direkte kontakt med Hlin: telefon (+47) 976 17845.)
Vi har også noen få ekstra telt.

Vi har en fjære, dvs ikke en sandstrand men en «steinete strand», tilhørende eiendommen. Også har vi en liten, ny park ved siden av eiendommen hvor du kan sitte å slappe av ved dammen. En liten håg ved eiendommen gir en fantastisk utsikt innover til fastlandet og deler av øya.

Malin, som driver Klokkergården, har utleie av rom, små hytter og rom i den store, gamle, prestegården. ( Klokkergården vant i 2012 prisen for beste havn i Norge kåret av leserne i båtmagasinet) Prisene er vanlige for Norge, ganske høye. Ellers er det mulig å telte i Prestegårdsfjæra som ikke ligger langt unna danseplassen.

Klokkergården har også øyas eneste restaurant. Den finner du på andre siden av øya i forhold til danseplassen, ca. 30 min gange. Fiskerettene er vidunderlige! I motsatt retning, 5 minutters gange, ligger øyas pub som selger hamburgere med mer.
Vi har også nærbutikk på øya, og postkontoret holder åpent en time om dagen.

Museum og annet!
Øya har et museum, ca 20 min gange fra danseplassen. Inngang NOK 50,-. Der kan man få kjøpt kaffe og nystekte vafler – deilig å sitte på brygga å myse utover havet. I området finner du også et glassgalleri og en liten stue med forskjellig nips til salgs. På Solheimsvollen der dansen blir holdt, har vi også utstilling av glass og bilder.

Det er mange fine turstier på øya. Den lengste er turen opp på fjellet. Rødøyløva er 440 meter. Der vil du få en fantastisk utsikt utover i øyene - ved klarvær kan du se helt til Lofotveggen i nord. I år er det også ordnet slik at man kan gå tur rundt hele øya, løypa er noen steder ganske krevende.
Av strender kan vi nevne Prestegårdsfjæra, ca 5 minutter unna, og Storsandene, som er ca 1 times gange unna. For å komme til Storsandene må du gå over en del av fjellet– på andre sida vil du da finne 4 nydelige sandstrender som perler på en snor.
I eventyrskogen kan du lese eventyr på veien og se Trolldøra i berget. Nordover på øya er det også fine turstier.

Velkommen til Rødøya, vi ser frem til å treffe deg der!

For the One Dance Leaders for Past Years
2005: Jeanne White Eagle & John Pehrson - Chiefs
2006: Jeanne White Eagle & John Pehrson - Chiefs
2007: Jeanne White Eagle & John Pehrson - Chiefs
2008: Candy Barbee & John Pehrson - Chiefs
2009: Sammye-Jo Harvey and Jens Ivers - Chiefs
2010: Anne Ragnhild & Ole Bjørn Michel - Chiefs
2011: Anne Ragnhild & Ole Bjørn Michel - Chiefs
2012: Candy Barbee & Hallstein Brandal - Chiefs See 2012 photos
2013:Anne Ragnhild & Ole Bjørn Michel
2014: Sammye Jo Harvey & Hallstein Brandal
2015: Candy Barbee & Brett Almond

General Information about the "For the One" Dance

Dance Fees
The fee you pay is based on the country you are from or you work in. The reason for this is because of the different economies in the world. Each country has a sliding scale based upon ability to pay. If you are say unemployed then you might want to pay the lower end. Or if you are in full time employment then you may be able to pay nearer the upper end.

If you are from USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Norway or similar economies the fee if you wish to dance is between $450-580 US dollars / 330-450 Euros or equivalent.

South Africa the fee to dance is 1850-2500 ZAR.
Israel, Palestine is 900-1300 NIS.
Bosnia / Croatia 175 Euro - 230 Euros

There is a discount for Youth Dancers under the age of 21: this amount is one half of the above fee.

Pricing & Dance Contribution
The For the One dance is a not for profit organisation. The Crew, Coordinators or Chiefs are not paid. We pay the Chiefs' reasonable travel expenses whenever possible.

There are many expenses with the dance, and if we have any money left over after expenses, it is used by For the One Dance to support the work going forward. The “For the One” Organization is a not for profit organisation and any monies remaining are used to support the work on a global level.

Crew Fees
Each dance has a crew that is larger normally than the number of dancers. Help is always needed. As a member of the crew, you will pay a fee to cover food and general expenses. This fee may vary from country to country but is typically about 50-75 US dollars.

For youth under the age of 21 it is one half of the above stated amount.

Rødøya (Hlin's Island), Norway


General Information about the Venue
The Norwegian For the One Dance is being held on the small island Rødøya in the north of Norway. The island is a 3 hour fastboat ride from Bodø to the island where Hlin Hansen, her family and about 180 others live in the North Sea. Bodø is a 1 1/2 hour plane ride from Oslo.

1) From abroad: fly to Oslo Gardermoen (OSL).
2) From Oslo (or other major airports in Norway) fly to Bodø (BOO). From Oslo to Bodø there are two flight options: and
3) Then Fast boat from Bodø to Rødøya.

We have very detailed travel instructions available. Too detailed to put on the website. Please contact the local coordinator at who will give you lots of help. You will be supported the whole way.

Alternatively you can travel up from Oslo by train. The train ride will be the cheapest way of travel through Norway: NOK 300 - ($50/€ 38), but you need to book in good time. Check out The train is about a 24 hour trip from Oslo.

Please find below a map of Norway to help give you more of an idea:

Here is some additional info that might be helpful when planning the travel to Rødøya
When going TO Rødøya:
If you are flying to Bodø and taking the fastboat to Rødøya, you need to land at Bodø airport at the latest by Thursday 20th July before 2.30-3 pm (14.30-15.00.) The fastboat leaves 4 pm (16.00) all days. (Except for Sunday when it departs at 1 pm (13.00)

When LEAVING Rødøya:
Sunday 23rd July when the dance is finished, the fastboat departs Rødøya at 5 pm (17.00) with arrival Bodø 8 pm (20.00) There is a flight to Oslo around 10pm (22.00). You either need a sleepover in Bodø or Oslo.

Monday to Saturday the fastboat has departure 9am (09.00), arrival Bodø 12 pm (12.00) There is a flight to Oslo around 2.25pm (14.25).

The early flights to Oslo are cheaper.

There is a bus leaving for the airport at «ten to every hour». The first bus after arrival from Rødøya 12.50pm (12.50) If you take the bus you will be at the airport in ten minutes, in time to catch the 2.25 pm (14.25) flight.
With a car or taxi it is a 5 minutes drive. I think you can still ask on the fastboat and they will order a taxi that will be waiting for you as you arrive. It is only a short walk to the taxi stand from where you arive. To order taxi call: 07550

It is also possible to drive here from Bodø with a rental car, it takes about 3 hours and two ferries. If coming by car from the south you can get to the island Friday morning with the ferry.

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo