Morten Østbye

Where from: Norway

My name is Morten Aleksander Østbye. I am from a town in the north of Norway called Bodø. Since a young age I've been interested in alternative medicine, awareness, how the mind works, self development and so on. It led me to study acupuncture in which i have a degree, i have also studied different healing techniques and NLP. Currently I am doing a teacher study training in a school in Norway called Soulpilot. They have an expertise in mediation and healing practices. I also work with homecare in my hometown Bodø.

I've been an active part of the For the One Dances since June 2007. Since then the dance has literally taken me around the world. It has given me deep profound experiences and I have met some of my closest friends from around the world through this dance. I have attended dances in Norway, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Croatia, Scotland, Bosnia, USA and Israel. I have both danced and served. I've also attended the For the One crew and chief training in Wasserkoog in 2010 and 2011, and I will do my third training in late January 2012. I was a chief in training alongside Brett Almond and Candy Barbee in October 2011 in Israel. The dance in Tennessee in March 2012 will be my first time Chiefing. Im deeply honoured to be granted this role, and I look forward to serve the people in the best way.

One thing I learned early in this dance is that everybody is equal, and its not just words, it pervades the whole ceremony. No role is better than any other role. Everybody is treated with love and respect. Maybe it is the LOVE that makes this ceremony unique. By LOVE I mean the deep impersonal and unconditional LOVE that only loves for the sake to LOVE. It is a healing dance, where people have an oppurtunity to process emotional baggage and go deep within themselves. We provide a safe loving space for this to happen in the best possible way.

If you feel called, come and dance and sing with us, either as a dancer or a crewmember. You are most welcome.

With Love
Morten Aleksander Østbye

For the One Dance Experience
Attended Ark Gatherings in Wasserkoog, Germany 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Attended World Youth Dance in Tennessee, USA 2010.
Crew for FTO in Norway, South Africa, Tennessee, Croatia and Israel.
Chief in Training for Israel FTO in 2011.
Completed Open Heart Facilitators Training 2011-2012, Israel and Germany
Chiefed in USA in 2012 with Teresa Hutson.
Chiefed in 2013 in Israel with Sonja Flying Deer

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks Norwegian and English.

Events including Morten Østbye
For the One Dance - Israel    23 - 25 May 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Johannesburg - South Africa    15 - 17 November 2013    Role: Alpha Dog
For the One Dance, Norway - Norway    25 - 27 July 2014    Role: Coordinator
For the One Dance, Norway, 2017 (postponed) l - Norway    Date still to be set. Will be approximately: July 2017    Role: Coordinator
For the One Dance, Norway, 2017 (postponed) l - Norway    Date still to be set. Will be approximately: July 2017    Role: Coordinator