John Pehrson

Where from: USA & The World

Autobiographical Sketch
I was introduced to sacred dance in December of 1995 when my wife and I met Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. On a cold night that December, we did our first dance. It was Joseph’s Long Dance in the not-yet-completed Peace-Sound Chamber of the Center for Peace in Tennessee.

At the time, I’d had a long corporate history and was still a bit of a stuffy, button-down, wing-tipped, business guy making an uneasy transition fully onto the spiritual path. With a university degree in chemical engineering, I spent 21 years with DuPont, working my way up the corporate ladder. I had one foot in the business world, and the other on the spiritual path.

I joined the World Business Academy in 1990, an organization committed to changing the world by changing business. Indeed, there was a time in the late 80s and early 90s that DuPont was at the leading edge of corporate change, striving to make the work environment more empowering, and the business more environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, with a shift in management and a recession in 1992, all of those ideals were trashed. Unwilling to compromise my own integrity, I left the company at the beginning of 1993 and started my own consulting business.

I became a trainer and executive coach dedicated to helping people live inspired lives. I taught individuals and businesses how to apply intuition in the workplace to achieve practical results. I became a writer and co-authored two books in the field: Intuitive Imagery: A Resource at Work, and Intuition at Work.

My wife, Jeanne White Eagle, and I created workshop experiences that took the Community Building process originally designed by M. Scott Peck to a new level. We began to teach groups around the world how to come into “deep community.” Together, we were co-authors in a book on community and learning in business.

In November 1998, my wife and I let go of our home, sold or gave away most of our possessions, put the rest in storage, and began to travel the world teaching, counseling, and working to achieve a global awakening through the power of sacred sound and dance.

I also created a new system of numerology that I call Mystical Numerology that is significantly different from traditional systems. It integrates an understanding of the Native American Medicine Wheel with teachings around the Kiche Mayan Day Lords and many years of my own related studies. The synthesis creates a system that offers deep insights and is amazingly accurate.

My current efforts are focused in these areas: 1) teaching people to use their inner guidance to achieve greater personal power and freedom, 2) helping groups to resolve conflicts and experience community, and 3) facilitating personal and planetary healing through the power of sacred sound and dance.

Since 1995, I have danced Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Long Dance, Drum Dance and Sun-Moon Dances. I have been a Chief of 8 Sun-Moon Dances, 5 Star Dances (that came out of my own personal vision).

As Jeanne White Eagle and I took her vision for the For the One Dance around the world, I have been Chief of many of these dances in countries such as Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Scotland, South Africa and the United States.

Biography & For the One Dance Experience
Original supported and partner chief of Visionary Jeanne White Eagle.
Co-Lead Chief and Crew Trainings in North Carolina, South Africa and Germany.
Co-Lead Community Building Facilitators training in Tennessee with Jeanne White Eagle.
Co-Lead Ark Gatherings in Wasserkoog, Germany with Jeanne White Eagle in 2010 and 2011.
Chiefed with Jeanne White Eagle in 2003 in North Carolina and South Africa.
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2004 in Tennessee, Israel, Brazil and South Africa.
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2005 in Tennessee, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Norway, North Carolina and South Africa.
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2006 in Tennessee, Israel, Germany, Norway, North Carolina, South Africa; and with Brett Almond and Jeanne in Ireland.
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2007 in South Africa for adult and youth dances.
Chiefed with Sammye Jo in 2007 in Norway.
Chiefed with Cheryl Braswell in 2007 in North Carolina.
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2008 in Israel Youth Dance, Bosnia, South African Youth and Adult dances.
Cheifed with Candy Barbee in 2008 in Norway
Chiefed with Jeanne in 2010 in Scotland.
Chiefed with Sophia Peters in Bosnia in 2010.
Chiefed with Hlin Hansen in 2010 in South Africa.

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks English.

Mystical Numberology
Mystical Numerology is an extraordinary process by which one can, through the wisdom and help of numbers, decipher the present and gain insight into the future. It is a process by which one can delve deeply into one’s own life patterns to reveal paths of direction and healing.

Since the early 1990s, John has been creating, developing and testing his new system of “Mystical” Numerology. It differs from traditional western numerology in several significant ways. For one, it uses a new 13-month calendar. It also integrates teachings from the Native American Medicine Wheel, and correspondences from the Kiche Mayan Day Lords.

The resulting overall system is an integration that is both accurate in the insights it provides, and fascinating for its ability to reveal the deeper meaning behind the ordinary. Those who have had readings done by John often say how amazingly accurate is the information given about their lives, and how valuable the forecasts are.

John is available for private readings, for both individuals and organizations.

A Mystical Numerology reading includes:

Insight into Life Purpose, Path, Genetic Heritage, Drive (Motivation)

An analysis of personal challenges and life lessons

Modes of perception

A 3-year forecast

Insights into important questions you may have

A reading is also available for your business.

Compatibility analyses are also offered (e.g., between two people, a person and a company, and so on).

NOTE: The sessions offered are given face-to-face, by email or by phone. A typed report (generally 10-13 pages) is available upon request. Audio tape review of the Mystical Numerology chart is also available upon request.

Requested donation: $100 for personal reading (face-to-face, phone, or taped); $150 with typed report. $250 for a business.

Preferred donation method: PayPal

Events including John Pehrson
Star Dance - Tennessee - USA    23 - 25 August 2013    Role: Chief
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
Ark Gathering - Germany    25 January - 1 February 2014    Role: Leader
Open Heart Facilitators Training Level One, Part 2 - Germany    4 - 7 February 2014    Role: Leader
Ark Gathering 2015 - Germany    10 - 17 January 2015    Role: Leader
Talk / Workshop - Waking Up - Norway    23 - 23 July 2015    Role: Leader
Ark Gathering 2016 - Germany    16 - 23 January 2016    Role: Leader