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Jeanne White Eagle is an educator and futurist with a background as an accomplished composer and professional classical singer. She is the author of two books, co-author of two other books, a founding member of the international musical “Up With People,” is an ordained minister, and has worked in the international business arena where she was awarded the prestigious Willis Harman Award by the World Business Academy. She is the founder of Up on the Mountain, an organization for teens at risk.

In January of 1996, Jeanne was blessed with the name of “Jeanne White Eagle” by a highly respected and well known Native American Elder and Medicine Man, Joseph Rael, also known as Beautiful Painted Arrow. Soon after, she began her global work with the Peace/Sound Chambers seen in a vision given to Beautiful Painted Arrow…the Chambers being sacred structures in which people may sing for World Peace.

In this same year of 1996 Jeanne, herself received a vision of a ceremonial singing dance known as the “For the One” Dance. This vision gestated for seven years until the first one occurred in 2003. Since that time, this dance has been identified by rabbis of Israel and Sangomas of South Africa as the fulfilling of ancient prophecies…those telling of a singing dance that would unite the peoples of the world…a dance where “the people would come together and sing as one.” This dance is now taken around the world bringing people of all nationalities, religions, and political views together, making it possible for deep conflicts to heal. The “For the One” Dance is offered to both adults and children. Its message is “ the time of separation is over.

In 2006, the new “For the One” Organization was birthed, a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to raise funds to support those efforts of the dance, particularly the youth dances, in countries around the world.

Jeanne’s sacred work, in conjunction with her husband John Pehrson, now includes workshops and Peace Concerts that are being performed worldwide.

Jeanne's new website is
which is linked to her new book which was just released, "Eye Open: Looking for the Twelve"

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Open Heart Facilitators Training Level One, Part 2 - Germany    4 - 7 February 2014    Role: Leader
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Talk / Workshop - Waking Up - Norway    23 - 23 July 2015    Role: Leader
Day of Song 2015 - 12 midday - The World    12 - 12 October 2015    Role: Leader
Ark Gathering 2016 - Germany    16 - 23 January 2016    Role: Leader