For the One Dance - Israel 2016 - Israel

Dates: 5 - 7 May 2016
Location: Beit Oren, Israel (see below)

Coordinator - Irit Barber
General Information
We’d love to see you in Israel. The weather will be lovely and warm. The people friendly. We moved the dance in 2010 to the new venue of the Fairy Forest, a secluded valley surrounded by trees. The arbour is built in the flat area in the centre, and we sleep under the trees at the edge, where terraces have been sculpted into the slopes. There is lots of space in the area where we rest, sleep and eat.

If you come why not come early so we can prepare the site and have fun? At this time we tend to all chip in for food and share the cooking etc. We look forward to welcoming you!

You can dance, for which there is a fee, or you can help, which we also ask for a donation to help with the food and other costs etc. We need dancers but we also need crew. We hope to see you there with us.

Cost / Donation
The dancer donation is NIS 900 for Israelis and Palestinians, to cover costs of putting on the dance. (If you’re coming from another country outside of the Middle East, the dancer donation is R1750 for South Africa, 230E for Croatia, 150E for Bosnia and $580 USD for all others.)

Helpers are asked to donate 300 NIS. All monies received by the “For the One” Organization are used wisely and in a sacred way to support the work of the “For The One” Dance on a global level.

Email the coordinator:
Irit Barber:

For the One Dance Leaders for Past Years
2004: Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson
2005: Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson
2006: Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson
2007: Rhonda Joy Eagle and Alexander Racky
2008: Anael Harpaz and Brett Almond
2009: No Dance
2010: Candy Barbee and Brett Almond
2011: Candy Barbee and Brett Almond
2012: No Dance
2013: Sonja Munz and Morten Ostbye
2014: No Dance
2015: No Dance
2016: Brett Almond and Haghit Rosenberg

General Information about the "For the One" Dance

Dance Fees
The fee you pay is based on the country you are from or you work in. The reason for this is because of the different economies in the world. Each country has a sliding scale based upon ability to pay. If you are say unemployed then you might want to pay the lower end. Or if you are in full time employment then you may be able to pay nearer the upper end.

If you are from USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Norway or similar economies the fee if you wish to dance is between $450-580 US dollars / 330-450 Euros or equivalent.

South Africa the fee to dance is 1850-2500 ZAR.
Israel, Palestine is 900-1300 NIS.
Bosnia / Croatia 175 Euro - 230 Euros

There is a discount for Youth Dancers under the age of 21: this amount is one half of the above fee.

Pricing & Dance Contribution
The For the One dance is a not for profit organisation. The Crew, Coordinators or Chiefs are not paid. We pay the Chiefs' reasonable travel expenses whenever possible.

There are many expenses with the dance, and if we have any money left over after expenses, it is used by For the One Dance to support the work going forward. The “For the One” Organization is a not for profit organisation and any monies remaining are used to support the work on a global level.

Crew Fees
Each dance has a crew that is larger normally than the number of dancers. Help is always needed. As a member of the crew, you will pay a fee to cover food and general expenses. This fee may vary from country to country but is typically about 50-75 US dollars.

For youth under the age of 21 it is one half of the above stated amount.

Beit Oren, Israel

Mt Carmel above Haifa

General Information about the Venue
The "Fairy Forest" in Israel sits in small valley just next to the Beit Oren Kibbutz on Mount Carmel above Haifa. The Kibbutz owns the land.

On site there is a covered kitchen with running water, simple outside showers, enclosed private compost toilets and electric lighting at night.

In the local area there are eagles, jackals, storks, and sometimes there are horses roaming near the land we dance on.

Travel Advice
Tel Aviv (TLV)is the closest airport to the dance site and is about a two hour car ride once you arrive. There are also trains available to Haifa. Please check with the Dance Coordinator about your travel arrangements.

We will do everything we can to make your travelling from the airport as easy as possible. Israel feels safe as a country to travel in and the train network is fairly easy to use.

Sleeping Arrangements
There are places for tenting or sleeping open air under trees. We all sleep outside as the climate is warm enough and dry enough. There are some mattresses on site that you can borrow although you will need to bring a sleeping bag etc.

The area near the outdoor kitchen (electricity and water) is terraced into the rock hillside. We sleep beneath the trees under the beautiful night sky. There is also a large crew tent for those wishing to sleep under cover.

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo