Henry Rowan

Where from: Ireland

For over 30 years I pursued a rainbow spiritual quest across a variety of mystical magical shamanic and healing traditions.

In 1992 I danced a Drum Dance with Native American mystic, visionary and shaman Grandfather Joseph Rael, upon a wooded hillside in Scotland.

Since then I participated as a Dancer in 1 to 5 dry fast Dance Ceremonies per year.

I danced drum dances, long dances, sun moon dances, eagle dances, for the one dances, sun dances, a fire dance and a star dance.

The Dances in my view are an offering of love energy to the Divine will, so more blessings are birthed in our everyday worlds.

They facilitate personal,communal and planetary transformation.

They help to disperse the shadow and let a bit more sunshine into our lives.

So yes, I am gung-ho about the Dances.

I am humbled and honoured to join others in service to FOR THE ONE.

Events including Henry Rowan
For the One Dance, North Carolina - USA    27 - 30 September 2013    Role: Sun Father
For the One Dance - Croatia    11 - 14 October 2013    Role: Chief