Hallstein Brandal

In 1996 I got to participate in a weekend course about spiritual and personal growth by Silja Winther and Lilli Bendriss. That weekend I experienced strong physical reactions that both scared me and fascinated me. Especially the drum sessions had a deep resonance in me – I just had to move to the beat and I seemingly finally lost control over my own body (or I had to let go of some other control issue…)!

This had me started in the process to make my own drum, and I participated in several more courses – that have helped shape me into living in, about and through love!

As a drum maker I got in touch with Ole Bjørn Michel, who introduced me to several different ceremonial dances: I have danced the Long dance, the Sun Moon dance and the For the One dance, and I have participated as Drummer, Drum Chief and Sun Father (under the guidance of Sammy Jo Harvey) in the For the One dance in Norway (I have been to all the dances in Norway), and as Drum Chief in Ireland.

These dances have been a support for me in difficult times, where they have represented a People of unconditional love. Likewise, the dances have represented an opportunity to be a support for others that have needed me, and that has been a wonderful experience as well! The For the One dance creates a framework, and a space, that give us the opportunity to receive love, and to give freely from our own abundance, without fear of any form.

For me, this has been ground breaking, and it has given me the clarity and understanding that this could also be the way I interact and experience my everyday life!

More about my background: I am a mechanical engineer, and on a daily basis I manage a group of engineers working on district heating and renewable energy.

I am a drum maker (on and off), and one of my proudest works is the peoples drum used in the For the One dance in Norway. I have been working with drum making, ceremonial dances and other spiritual work for more than 15 years. Among my most important educational experiences has been Jeanne and Johns Ark Gathering held in Wasserkoog, Germany, 2011.

For the One Dance Experience
I have served as Drummer and Drum Chief 4 out of 5 dances in Norway as well as being Drum Chief one year in Ireland. In 2010 I was Sunfather at the dance in Norway. And in 2011 I was finally a dancer at the Tennessee For the One Dance.
Chief of Norway FTO 2012.

I have also been a drummer at a Sun-Moon Dance in Norway and have also danced the Sun-Moon Dance.

Languages & Personal Information
Norwegian and English

Events including Hallstein Brandal
For the One Dance, Norway - Norway    25 - 27 July 2014    Role: Chief