Grace - A Journey From Betrayal to Healing

By Jeanne White Eagle

Grace - by Jeanne White Eagle

Available through and Barnes & Noble as a E-Book and a paperback

Jeanne White Eagle's book, Grace: a Journey from Betrayal to Healing is an exploration of questions that came when Jeanne and her husband, John, first traveled to Bosnia in 2007 where they heard story upon story of the cruelties and brutality that took place during the Bosnian war, where neighbors and friends turned upon each other with unthinkable violence.  Jeanne found herself asking, "How is the horror of betrayal from those one has so deeply trusted, even possible? And how then, when all has been broken apart do relationships (friends, relatives, countries) so split apart, heal?"

Haunted by these questions, Jeanne prayed for understanding, and the answers came in an unexpected very personal way. Grace is the story of her journey.

Grace - Jeanne White Eagle

I'm deeply grateful to Eltanin Publishing in Vermont who are extraordinary people to work with!  Grace is available in EBOOK format and PRINT-ON-DEMAND. (Should you search out the book on Bing or Google type in the full title or "Grace by Jeanne White Eagle.")
I hope that each of you who reads Grace will receive a blessing from it. It was several years in the making. Here is a brief description offered by our friend Tom Bissinger:
"Jeanne White Eagle’s book, Grace, is an exploration of the questions, “How is the horror of betrayal from those one has so deeply trusted, even possible? And how then, do relationships (friends, relatives, countries) so split apart, heal?”

"These questions are awakened on a trip Jeanne and her husband John Pehrson take to Bosnia in 2007. She encounters the victims of the war and their stories first hand.

"Not long after her time in Bosnia, haunted by questions brought on by what she had seen and heard, Jeanne herself goes through an encounter of personal betrayal of devastating proportions. In her journey to heal she wrestles with confusion, suppressed emotions of anger and feelings of depression, including the constant struggle of self examination. She soon comes to realize that her own experience carries the answers she has been searching for to the questions born in Bosnia.

"The dramatic and painful personal betrayal that Jeanne experiences serves as a goad to her dawning realization that “always the way is open to you to choose Love.” Always there is a way to see darkness as the doorway to light and beauty.

"In important ways, this is a book for all of us. Jeanne’s journey can be a roadmap for those who are seeking healing from personal betrayal, past hurts and lingering resentment – or for those who wish to help others to find healing.

"You might read Grace as a night voyage of the soul, a journey from light into darkness and back into light."

- Tom Bissinger
Author, Playwright
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