Crew & Chief Gathering - USA

Dates: 20 - 25 September 2013
Location: Sacred Grove Retreat, USA (see below)

General Information
This Crew and Chief Gathering at Sacred Grove, Gold Hill, North Carolina, USA is
a time for the For The One Dance community to come together to share experience, wisdom and ideas
a time to Fan the Embers of the Dance and to share our knowledge and expertise
a time to re-connect and build new relationships in a magical setting in America.
a time to come together and discover the next steps for the For The One Dance. WE NEED YOU!

Whether you have attended FTO crew/chief trainings in the past, this time together will have something to offer you. Members of the Dance Community (including Jeanne and John) will lead specific sessions (see partial list on right) where participants will share their thinking and questions. There will be experiential sessions such as fire building, leading sweat lodges, drumming and more.

All meals are communal and housing is shared rooms as well as camping if you desire.

The time together will start off with the Open Heart Process and progress into the learning/sharing sessions.

There will be a free day to explore the nearby Gold Hill area and hunt for crystals or rest before the For The One Dance starts on Friday 27 September.

Cost / Donation
We have set a sliding scale of $300-$450 USD for the gathering which pays for food, lodging, supplies and rental of the facility.

(If you are able to give more, we will apply this to scholarships for others who need help in attending this event.)

We ask that you pay on PayPal on website if at all possible so we can be sure of who is planning to attend. If you cannot access PayPal from your country, please send us an email of your plans. We will send additional information later as to travel arrangements.

The For The One Dance will occur on 27-30 September immediately following the Crew/Chief Gathering. To register for the Gathering please contact Tracey Turner-Keyser on:

We encourage EVERYONE who attends the Gathering to stay for the Dance. There is a separate crew fee of $50 for the Dance and Dancer sliding scale fee of $425-$580.

This dance promises to be very special with many of the crew and dancers having gone through the Open Heart Process at the beginning of the Gathering.
Come DANCE with us.

Sacred Grove
The Land at Sacred Grove is very inviting and beautiful. There is a labyrinth to walk next to the permanent arbor. There is a crystal/sand area for socializing and re-energizing. There are walking trails.
The accommodations are comfortable with 18 beds in the Grove House (shown above) with double rooms and bunk house rooms, bathrooms and showers. Camping is available as well (bring your own equipment).
Most of the sessions and meetings will be in the Yurt (shown below) which has electricity, heat and AC for year round comfort.
September should have warm or even hot days and warm to cool nights. Bring rain gear as well as sweaters or jacket.
Bring your own sheets or sleeping bag and towel. Pillows and duvets are available. There are no stores within walking distance of the Grove.

Language of the Host Country

Scheduled Sessions For the Gathering
Symbols and Ceremonial Tools
Dance Energetics
Vision of FTO & Importance of Singing
Building an Arbor, Sweat lodge
Mechanics of running a dance
Meal planning, food preparation, purchasing local foods, camp kitchen
Water-Fire Interaction and energetics
Coordinating a Dance: building excitement, disseminating information, organizing
Recruiting Crew and Dancers
Importance of communication-using internet and social media
Leadership: Working with Co-chief and Crew
Open Heart Community Building Process
Building a Sacred Fire
Running a Sweat Lodge
Placing, Energizing/Deactivating Altars
Fans, Shawls and Ceremonial Clothes
Arbor Staff: Moon Mothers and Sun Fathers
Traveling to other countries & global connections
Nightly Drumming and Bon Fires
Being Together in Sacred Relationship
The Future of the For The One Dance-your input on how we move forward as a global community
Crystal Hunting on Free Day

Open Sessions to be announced later
Other Suggestions YOU have!

FTO Shop: you bring things to sell to others
You bring your crafts, artwork or items from your country. We will set up a shop on the honor system for participants to purchase things you brought. 10% of the proceeds will go to the FTO and the rest is yours. We will have an event one evening open to the Sacred Grove Community, and the shop will be open that night.


Sharing of skills and wisdom

Sacred Grove Retreat, USA

15750 Mattons Grove
Church Rd
Gold Hill
NC 28071

General Information about the Venue
Sacred Grove is a retreat center based in North Carolina, USA. It is situated on 11 wooded acres and visitors can connect with nature by hiking scenic trails, taking a meditative walk on the labyrinth or enjoying the beauty of the butterfly garden.

After sunset, the stars are the backdrop for magical bonfires and drum circles. There is hardly any light pollution.

Sacred Grove is halfway between Charlotte and Raleigh North Carolina

Travel Advice
For those coming from outside the USA the nearest biggest airport is Charlotte-Douglas International Aiport (airport code CLT). This is about 1 hour car drive away from Sacred Grove.

And there is also another big international airport nearby at Raleigh. This is called Raleigh-Durham International Airport (Airport code RDU). This is approximately 2 hours 15 minutes away from Sacred Grove by car.

Also there is Piedmont Triad International Airport (Airport Code GSO). Although this has mostly USA internal flights. Travel time in a car from here is about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Please find below a map of where Sacred Grove is located with the airports marked.

Sleeping Arrangements
There is tent camping which is included in your Crew Fee.
There are beds inside the Grove House-mens room, womens rooms; showers, kitchen. There is an additional fee of $38 per night for a bed per person.

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo