Poem about For the One Dance

By John Pehrson

For the One

We dance for the One,
moving, breathing, fasting,
singing wordless melodies
in surrender to the One.

Our hearts and minds converging,
Dancing to the Source,
Our sacred steps are merging
Creation with the Creatorís force.

Moving to the drumbeat,
My knees weak and wobbly,
Red-eyed, fatigued,
And rushing toward epiphany.

Then, touched by God and Goddess,
my ego ripped apart,
my mind is drawn and quartered,
to open wide my heart.

In the Now Ė in ecstasy Ė
my soul is lifted free
to the void where All-That-Is
is all Iím meant to be.

I am home again.
I now can see:
Iím part of everything,
and everything is Me.

Corryton, TN
26-March-04 (Rev. 9-Aug-09)
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