For the One Dance, South Africa - South Africa

Dates: 28 - 30 November 2014
Location: Tlholego Village, Rustenburg, South Africa (see below)

Coordinator - Danette Spies
General Information
We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa for the "For the One" Dance on the last weekend of November 2014.

For more information contact coordinator Danette Spies

We are excited to announce our new venue for the Dance, Tlholego Village and Learning Centre, near Rustenburg in the North West Province, 2.5 hours from Johannesburg. The arbour will be on a farm, surrounded by bushveld and the sound of birds. The night sounds may well include the roaring of lions and the sound of jackals.

In the For The One Dance we create a sacred space that is filled with love for the dancers do their work. The arbour is a metaphor for the dancers' lives as the the drum carries them to the sacred centre. Dancers sing spontaneously the sounds that will take them to the original vibration from which all creation comes.

In this space, we experience ourselves as the hollow bone through which Spirit blows the breath of life. And it is here that we remember that there is no separation.

We don't always know why we are called to a ceremony. We may be called to dance. We may be called to crew. Sometimes it is just by being there that we make a difference for someone else.

The thread that runs through this ceremony is unconditional love - and the experience of this holds the key to our transformation, and it is the gift that we take back with us, into our daily lives.

Come and dance or crew - whichever Spirit calls you to do!

Medicine Dances are part of ancient cultures and traditions around the world – ceremonies that offer us an opportunity to heal and reconnect with who we really are. In September of 1996, Jeanne White Eagle was given a vision of a new Dance, a singing dance with the purpose of reawakening to who we are and where we come from. It is a dance that reminds us that ‘there is only one of us here’ and that ‘the time of separation is over’. The name that she was given for the Dance was “For the One”. See The Vision

The very first two "For The One" Dances were danced in the United States and the third was in South Africa. Since then the For The One took place annually in South Africa, until 2010 when it took a 2 year break. The dance returned to South Africa in 2013 and all who attended were mover by the power of the ceremony and time spent together.

Although the Dance ends on Sunday we invite you to consider staying on until Monday, to be part of the heart space of love; a time of sharing and community.

Cost / Donation
Crew Donation: your contribution helps to cover the cost of accommodation, food and other general expenses for the weekend of the Dance. Rather than have different crew donation amounts for different accommodation options we have chosen to go for a sliding scale and you secure your choice of sleeping space by sending us your crew donation in advance (so that we have funds to buy supplies, etc.). Have a look at the accommodation information below so that you can decide what would work for you.We ask that you donate on a sliding scale between R650 and R960 to cover the costs of the food, venue, accommodation for the weekend and consumables – let Spirit guide you as is appropriate for your circumstances. (see Sleeping Arrangements).

Dancer Donation: this varies according to your country of origin, currency and ability to pay. Please see Dance Fees below under "General Information about the "For the One" Dance".

If you are planning to arrive earlier and leave after Sunday there is an additional cost to the venue of R150 per person per night and a contribution towards food

The co-ordinator of the For the One Dance in South Africa this year is Danette Spies, she is waiting to hear from you.

You can contact Danette directly at +27 (0)71 688 9285
As soon as you tell us that you are thinking of coming, we will follow up with further information.

Here are some things to think about.

Travel plans
  • When do you plan to arrive and leave? We invite you to stay to be part of the informal gathering on Monday after the dance; many of us enjoy the heart space and don't want to say goodbye.

  • If you are travelling by air, what are your flight details so that we know when someone must meet you at the station? Do you know how to catch the Gautrain to Pretoria? If not, we can give you guidance.

  • If you are coming from abroad and you are planning to do some sight seeing, we would be happy to provide some guidance.

There is more information on travel logistics as well as other places to visit while you are here, in the Travel Advice section further down the page.

If you are planning to arrive in Johannesburg before the FTOD or leave later than Sunday, please let us know as soon as you can; further details are in the Sleeping Arrangements section further down the page.

  • Do you have any special food needs or allergies? Please let us know.

  • If you are arriving before Friday we will most likely be sharing food costs; we will be in touch in this regard nearer the time.

  • Please feel free to bring something that is important to you to add to the feast; a favourite dish or dessert, perhaps.

Work Days
There is much to be done building up to the Dance and we invite you to put your energy into creating the sacred space for the ceremony. As this is a new venue for the Dance, there are many things that need to be done. Build an arbour, build a sweatlodge and place the centre pole, in addition to the usual tasks preparing for a dance. We are inviting crew to join us at the Dance site up to a week before the dance. We plan to build the arbour the previous weekend. This is a big job and provides an opportunity for us to work together and have fun as a communtiy. We welcome anybody to join us, particularly those living locally or in Johannesburg/Pretoria; bring your friends, children, grandparents, and sense of fun and adventure.

There will be plenty of tasks for people of different skills and strengths. If you are coming from overseas of course we would love to have you there on that weekend too. We look forward to spending the week together at the Dance site building the sweatlodge, cutting and placing the centre pole, building toilets, tarping the arbour later in the week and of course hanging out together. There will be plenty of opportinities for fun, laughter, music, comaraderie, stories around the fire, taking long walks in the African Bushveld and when all of the jobs are done and there is time to spare, a trip to the Pilanesburg Big Five Game Reserve up the road to see lions and elephants and the rare Rhinocerous.

We would like as many of the crew as possible to be at the Dance site from Thursday, those who aren't there already. We would like to hold the crew meeting on Thurday evening; we do hope you will be able to join us.

Feast, Sharing and Giveaway Blanket
The Dance ends with a Feast, Sharing and Giveaway Blanket.

Whether you are going to crew or dance, we invite you to bring something special to contribute to the feast. This is a very special meal, as the Dancers break their fast.

After the Sharing, there is a Giveaway Blanket. The way this works is that you bring something that is ‘no longer yours’ and place it on the blanket for someone to pick up. The thought is that when you pick up something that belonged to someone else there is a connection created between you. In this way we keep parts of each other when we leave. The giveaway is not about buying a fancy gift; it is often precious and sacred items that are shared with others.

For the One Dance Leaders for Past Years
2013 - Brett Almond (UK)and Teresa Hutson (USA)- Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2012 - No dance held
2011 - No dance held
2010 - Hlin Hansen (Norway) and John Pehrson (USA)- Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2009 - Teresa Hutson (USA) and Geoffrey Tracey (South Africa)- Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2008 - Brett Almond (UK) and Rhonda Joy Eagle (Israel)- Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2008 Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson (USA) - Zivuya, KZN
2008 Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson (USA) Youth Dance - Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2007 Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson - Youth Dance - Blue Hippo, Greyton
2007 - Candy Barbee (USA) and Dominique De Bruin (South Africa) - Blue Hippo, Greyton
2007 - Sonja Flying Deer(RSA, Germany & UK) and Dominique De Bruin (South Africa) - Simunye Ngothando, Midrand
2006 Rustlers Valley, South Africa
2005 Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson - Rustlers Valley
2004 Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson - Rustlers Valley

General Information about the "For the One" Dance

Dance Fees
The fee you pay is based on the country you are from or you work in. The reason for this is because of the different economies in the world. Each country has a sliding scale based upon ability to pay. If you are say unemployed then you might want to pay the lower end. Or if you are in full time employment then you may be able to pay nearer the upper end.

If you are from USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Norway or similar economies the fee if you wish to dance is between $450-580 US dollars / 330-450 Euros or equivalent.

South Africa the fee to dance is 1850-2500 ZAR.
Israel, Palestine is 900-1300 NIS.
Bosnia / Croatia 175 Euro - 230 Euros

There is a discount for Youth Dancers under the age of 21: this amount is one half of the above fee.

Pricing & Dance Contribution
The For the One dance is a not for profit organisation. The Crew, Coordinators or Chiefs are not paid. We pay the Chiefs' reasonable travel expenses whenever possible.

There are many expenses with the dance, and if we have any money left over after expenses, it is used by For the One Dance to support the work going forward. The “For the One” Organization is a not for profit organisation and any monies remaining are used to support the work on a global level.

Crew Fees
Each dance has a crew that is larger normally than the number of dancers. Help is always needed. As a member of the crew, you will pay a fee to cover food and general expenses. This fee may vary from country to country but is typically about 50-75 US dollars.

For youth under the age of 21 it is one half of the above stated amount.

Tlholego Village, Rustenburg, South Africa

Plot JQ 316
R52 between Rustenburg and Koster
North West Province
South Africa

General Information about the Venue
Tlholego is an ecovillage community that awakens possibility through living, learning, working and wealth creation.

Tlholego village – situated on 150 ha of land near Rustenburg in the Northwest Province of South Africa – awakens possibility, living up to its Setswana name meaning ‘creation from nature’. It enables those who make this rural farm outside Rustenburg their home, to live their dreams and values in tune with the natural environment. One of these is living, learning and working in community, because economic, social and environmental needs can be more effectively met through both individual and collective engagement.

Founded in 1990, Tlholego consists of a residential village, training centre and demonstration site. It is currently applying innovative strategies towards land reform and rural livelihoods based on education, social equity and sustainable farming.

Travel Advice
If you are arriving by air
• You should fly in to OR Tambo airport and as soon as you know your flight details please pass them on to Danette.
• Tlholego is about 2.5 hours from the airport and we are going to arrange for a shuttle service to fetch you and bring you to Tlholego. There is a charge of around R600 each way for this service. (He can also fetch people from Lanseria airport for regional flights.)
• It is easiest to catch the Gautrain directly from the airport (O.R. Thambo) to Hatfield Station in Pretoria, and be collected from the station by us or someone who is coming to the dance. The cost is around R155 one way for the train (plus R13 once of fee for the card) depending what time of day you travel. And a suggested donation of R300 for fuel and toll fees for whoever comes to fetch you or gives you a lift. Follow the signs from the arrivals hall to the train station (upstairs). Change trains at Marlboro to get onto the red line north towards Pretoria. The last station is Hatfield.

For more information on the Gautrain timetable and route click here

Please note, the last train leaves the airport at around 8:28pm. If your flight comes in later than 7pm, let us know so we can arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport directly.

If you are traveling by bus
• You can travel to Rustenburg or Koster and we will fetch you from there.

If you are arriving by car
Please let us know if you need a map. Tlholego is 6 km from the N4 (towards Zeerust) on the R52 to Koster.
• From Pretoria, take the N4 to Rustenburg. About 15 km from Rustenburg (just after the Phokeng off ramp), turn left onto the R52. Drive 6 km. Tlholego will be on your right.
• From Johannesburg, take the N14 to Krugersdorp. Just before Krugersdorp turn right follow the N14 toward Magaliesburg. After 10 km turn right and then immediately left to stay on the N14. After about 8 or so km, turn right onto the R24. Continue through Magaliesburg to Rustenburg. At the second traffic lights in Rustenburg turn Right onto the N4 towards Swartruggens. About 15 km from Rustenburg (just after the Phokeng off ramp), turn left onto the R52. Drive 6 km. Tlholego will be on your right.

Sleeping Arrangements
There are some beds available in shared rooms sleeping between 3 and 5 people each. There will also be one large dorm style room and you can also decide to camp. If you would prefer a bed in one of the smaller rooms please let us know soon as space is limited. Please bring your own linnen if you can.

Facilities for campers
There are many camping spaces and campers share the ablution block with everyone else.
Bring whatever you need to be comfortable and remember this is the rainy season. None of the bedding or pillows from the Tlholego rooms may be taken outside or used in the arbour; if you want a blanket or cushion to use outdoors, please bring these with you.

Special food and shopping
The nearest shopping centres are about 25km away and there is no formal public transport. There is a spaza shop (an informal shop that is also the local tavern) across the road. If you think you might need it, rather bring it with you. We will be providing food that meets most needs – vegetarian and basic food allergies – provided we know about it beforehand and it is within our means to do so.

Special diets are costly in South Africa and we are keeping the crew fee to a minimum – it is advisable to bring what you need to be healthy and well-fed if your needs are beyond the average.

We invite you to bring something special to add to the feast on Sunday. We will have freezer facilities.

Meals before and after the Dance
The crew donation covers meals from Friday lunch to the feast on Sunday.
Before and after the Dance meals will be communal with the expenses and preparation shared; each of us will contribute towards the cost of meals. You could expect to contribute between R50 and R100 per day.

What to pack
This list is a reminder of some of the items to think about.

• *A dance skirt (everyone wears a skirt during the dance; this could be a sarong/wrap)
• A towel (or two)
• Bedding (e.g. sleeping bag and pillow case)
• Comfortable shoes – there are thorns!
• Feast – something to share, if you feel called to do so
• A good sun hat
• Mosquito repellent
• Rain gear
• Rattles and shakers (if you have)
• Something to wear in the sweat lodge
• Sunscreen
• Toiletries
• Torch (flashlight)
• Warm jacket for night shifts (it is most likely that everyone will do duty at night at some point)
• Your ceremonial items
• Your give-away item

* Crew and dancers alike are requested to wear skirts -- mid-calf length or longer. If see-through textiles are used please wear something underneath such as trousers or an underskirt. The skirt represents the ‘hollow bone’ or the holy circle, and creates a clear channel and meeting point between heaven and earth. It also represents the never-ending continuum and the unity of all things (the essence of the Dance). To wear the skirt then, holds the message of unity, and supports the purpose that all done inside the arbour is done with the best of intentions – all is done with pure love.

You may wish to decorate your clothing in a way that expresses your “medicine.” Warmer clothing or layers may be necessary. We highly recommend that you wear comfortable shoes throughout even if you are dancing.

The people of Tlholego are excited about the Dance coming to their land and the energy is beginning to grow. The three of us are talking about the Dance every day and we can’t wait for you to get here so that we can all be together.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Otherwise, see you soon!

Places to see
The Pilanesburg National Park is two hours from Johannesburg and provides a wonderful excursion to experience some of the beauty that the African wilderness has to offer. Please ask Sue or cajun for more details if you are interested in a group outing.

The Call of Africa

When you’ve acquired a taste for dust,
The scent of our first rain,
You’re hooked for life on Africa
And you’ll not be right again
Till you can watch the setting moon
And hear the jackals bark
And know that they’re around you
Waiting in the dark.

When you long to see the elephants,
Or to hear the coucal’s song,
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire,
You’ve been away too long.
It’s time to cut the traces loose
And let your heart go free
Beyond that far horizon,
Where your spirit yearns to be.

Africa is waiting… come!
Since you’ve touched the open sky
And learned to love the rustling grass,
The wild fish eagle’s cry,
You’ll always hunger for the bush,
For the lion’s rasping roar,
To camp at last beneath the stars
And to be at peace once more.

Emily Dibb

Photographs of venue - Click for larger photo