Eyes Open: Looking for the Twelve - a Blueprint for a New World

By Jeanne White Eagle

Beloved "For the One" Family,

For those who don't already know, I'm excited to share with you that my new book, Eyes Open: Looking for the Twelve - a Blueprint for a New World,  is out!!!



The book itself was written to find twelve or more people in the world who have had an almost identical vision that I received through a recurring dream that appeared over a period of more than two decades. It has to do with the transformation of humankind, life on Earth and our eventual ongoing interaction with Beings from other Star Systems. If you're up for it, I encourage you to read the book. Whether or not you're one of the twelve, you may be one of the people that is being called to be a part of the communities that will be necessary to bring the dream into physical reality.

Eyes Open - Looking for the Twelve is available now in print version and can be ordered through www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com .

The E-Book will soon follow. I've also begun a new FB site under the name of JEANNE WHITE EAGLE and a new website http://jeannewhiteeagle.com/ that both provide a forum for those wishing to participate in ongoing conversations as we move ahead into the manifestation of the vision described in the book.

    Below are a few comments from early readers, including a short excerpt from the FOREWORD of the book, written by Astronaut EDGAR MITCHELL (6th man to walk on the moon):
    "Though many recognize and have voiced the existing challenges that face our world, and even though there have been many technological advances made to offer clues to the survival of Earth, Eyes Open actually offers a possible “how-to” blueprint to put us on the track toward achieving a higher stage of consciousness and evolution, ensuring the continued existence of life on Earth.
Reading more like a science fiction, Eyes Open rings of a mission to find those out there who understand the dilemmas our world now faces and who are called to be part of the adventure to resolving those dilemmas. This includes moving us forward into a future that embraces a more evolved human species capable of healthy interaction with itself and the rest of life on our planet, and in time, with life in the larger Universe. - Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut Apollo 14 NASA Moon Mission, Founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
    “In Eyes Open, author Jeanne White Eagle depicts a vision for a world that works for everyone, a world where transformation, an enlightened population and paradigm-popping realities are the norm rather than the exception. Her story may challenge some of your assumptions, but then aren’t assumptions something we should challenge every once in a while anyway? After all, hasn’t most of our progress as a species been largely due to somebody challenging some commonly-held assumption, like humans can never fly, or land on the moon, or….well, you get my drift.” - John Renesch, futurist, author, Getting to the Better Future and The Great Growing Up
    “Eyes Open offers readers a wide-ranging vision for the future of humanity ‹ a future with a radically different form of education and a central role for imagination, a future in which we respond to change with love, not fear, recognizing the vibrational basis of reality and the importance of ‘gardening our hearts.’ By ‘slipping between the slices of light’ to get clear of ego, in this new future we become part of a "spacefaring community" that previously lived only in the worlds of Star Trek and other sci-fi works. But Eyes Open is not science fiction. It is, rather, the rarest of the rare ‹ a book based on dreams, fleshed out in great detail, carried forward with vivid imagination and vision, offering the reader a call. Are you one of the 12? Reading this book, taking in its message could be the most momentous, life-changing event of your life!” - Susan Mehrtens, Ph.D., President, The Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences
    "Eyes Open opens us to the possibility of a radically new way of learning and communicating: beyond the boundaries set by race, religion, political persuasion, nation state or even planet of origin. The author, Jeanne White Eagle, extends an invitation for the reader to join her in manifesting a shared dream of creating the physical, environmental and systems structures needed to enable and nurture an enlightened international and interplanetary community." - Herman Maynard, business executive and co-author of
The Fourth Wave: Business in the 21st Century
    “There are many books on the market that lay out a vision for the future. But, very few of them, if any, provide a master plan for how to actually create the new way. In her book, Eyes Open, Jeanne White Eagle does just that. She lays out a vision that stretches our boundaries, and then tells us how to get there. It is well worth reading!” - John B. Pehrson, author and creator of Mystical Numerology: The Creative Power of Sounds and Numbers

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