The Dream of the Ark

By Jeanne White Eagle

In the winter of 2010 I awoke from a dream and heard the words "You are to build an Ark." I remember feeling a little shocked and puzzled. And then I thought of the movie called "Noah's Ark," a comedy in which a modern day businessman was told "by God" to build an Ark, an actual physical Ark. Luckily I didn't get it that I was to rush out and buy loads of wood, nails, etc. and to start hammering away on a structure whose passengers were to be pairs of exotic animals and human beings willing to go on such a ride. Instead, what I saw was a different kind of Ark, a phenomenon that was born a little over a year ago.

What was to have been an advanced training experience for those who have participated in the ceremonial singing dance called the "For the One" Dance, turned into something that was no less than a miracle, leaving those of us who came together in awe of what we know now is possible for an entire world. A group of some thirty individuals from different countries came together and created a safe, authentic and loving haven within which to ride out the transformations that are now here. There in front of me was the dream I had been given. This was the Ark.

The times we're living in now are those that the Mayan and Hopi prophesies speak of, as well as legends and prophesies from many different cultures. Mayan Elders have told us that we are in the times where even the most unaware will become aware that something out of the "ordinary" is taking place.

And so, what often happens when change occurs, particularly at the depth we now find ourselves? Many people become fearful, rash, chaotic. And unfortunately, common byproducts of this kind of fear are violence, confusion, and spiraling chaos.

So why an Ark?? In this case, it is to provide a metaphoric and energetic vehicle within which we can safely place ourselves as we move through the Transformation that has been prophesied for centuries and that now is here.

These years are crucial. How each individual lives his or her life can literally determine the direction in which the world will move. Sound crazy? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it possible that many of us that are here now made some kind of an agreement eons ago to be here in this specific place and time? And is it possible that we agreed to be here to help love the mass consciousness through the extraordinary birth that is unfolding?

If you think this is at all possible, then where do we begin?? How do we begin?? Maybe we begin with each other, caring for and being kind to each other, being honest with each other and in integrity with ourselves, and always in a loving way, even when anger and differences emerge. It is finding out what might be possible for a world that presently seems to be spinning out of control.

The ARK is a place to realize you're not alone as you go through your own personal changes and as more global changes begin to happen around you.

And there is little doubt that something extraordinary is taking place on this planet. Things are shifting. This Ark? It is not exclusive. It is for anyone wants to be a part.

And until we have our next Gathering of the Ark, SING. Create a song each day, no words, no thinking. Simply let the sounds being born inside of you come and in that vibration we will find each other and together we will hold our world in loving hearts as this global transformation unfolds.

Hope to see you at the next Gathering.

Much Love,

Jeanne White Eagle