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Dates: 12 - 12 October 2015
Location: Worldwide, The World (see below)

General Information
Creating a Wave of Sound
OCTOBER 12, 12:00 NOON (your time) 2015


Dearest Friends, in the past, based on a DREAM I received in 2011, on October 12th I have asked the WORLD to create a SPONTANEOUS SONG (No Words, Only the intent of Love) letting the sounds come from deep within, creating a WAVE OF SOUND to move across the Earth, letting it move into the LARGER UNIVERSE. The purpose is to RAISE VIBRATION and create a higher State of AWARENESS for Humankind and all life here and beyond Earth. (You're invited to look at some of the past Youtubers or look my website for more description.)

This year and every year now I'm asking that you CREATE A SONG EVERY DAY. Every Day SING! Create a song, if only for a few seconds, that carries the INTENT OF LOVE. No thinking. No Words. No ego. Just let the sound come. And trust. What happens then is the shifting of vibration to the point to where perspective can change, and this provides furtile soil for the Collective Consciousness on and of our Beloved Earth to shift. Ready??

The first year we did this was in 2011 on October 11, all in preparation for the following year when we sang at 12:00 noon on October 12. Since that time there have been thousands of people from around our planet that are joining in.

Here is what I know. When any of us sings a song in this way, it helps to raise and shift the vibration of our beloved planet and all life here.

For those who are not familiar with Spontaneous Singing, scroll below to watch several videos.

Your voice will make the difference. It's time..

"Love who and what is in front of you in this present moment.
Then as you move into the next moment and the moment after that,
Love who and what is in front of you.
Soon you will see that all there really is, is Love
and that there is only One of us here."
Jeanne White Eagle

Here are a few of the comments that came in from those who participated in the DAY OF THE SONG, October 12, 2013. Just know you made a difference. And for any of you who might have "forgotten," SING NOW. Create a Spontaneous song now (no words, just the intent of LOVE). Because Time is an illusion and all we have is the "now" your song will join the thousands of others set into motion on October 12, sending an ongoing Wave of Sound around Earth. And so, enjoy the comments below.

"I sang with a group of educators, community members and pupils during a workshop at Kutlwanong school for the deaf. What an experience!" - cajun

"I was in Garankuwa with a group of workshop participants. In the morning I presented the idea to the group and said that regardless of who wanted to join in, I would be taking a few minutes at noon. We had a circle for spontaneous song so that people could experience it and decide if they wanted to, later.....

When noon came around I had no other time to do anything - I was in the middle of something - and I just said; "It's noon. It's time to sing. Anyone who wants to join me, meet me in the shade outside." and I rushed out.....

As it turned out, we could have stayed inside, because pretty much everyone followed me out. We put our arms around each others shoulders, as we do in the Open Heart Process, and sang. In the morning, for the 'practice' song, I had essentially ended up being the only one singing. With the song for Day of the Song people joined in and it was beautiful! " - Sue

"I could not STOP singing a song by Little Big Town called "little white church." But I seem to have a song of the day EVERY day that I cannot stop singing. I am so thankful for my ability to sing and hold a tune." - Zandria

"We were singing with the ancient souls of the Redwoods in California, what a great energy at this place!" - Frauke(Germany) and Morten (Norway)

"I visualised mother earth in my hands and it sucked the song straight through me. I was amazed at how loud I was. The energy was very powerful. Was lovely experience <3" - Evania

"Thxs <3 - when is the next date?" - Katharina

"I was at home and sang in the backyard. it was like the whole forest and all of life opened up. feeling blessed and grateful for this time to participate with all! Love this!" - Denise

"Didn't know if i could chant a whole hour without companions but it was very easy. Here at Refuge, once site of a Cherokee Peace Village. Europeans came in 1784 and built a fort on the hill above. Local lore says that their children massacred the native people here. So here in this place of Peace and War i pray for peace in my heart, opening and spreading to all the world...take it Central Time zone..." - Tom

"Sing, Song, Sung, it was beautful to spend time with drum and sound in the chamber. There were 3 distinct songs and some beautiful silence. An opportunity to get in touch with the immense love for earth and life, gratitude for this beautiful experience, and freedom within the Higgs Boson of being carried. So thank you Jeanne and John. xxx (always in my heart)" - Ocean

"I sang and sang and Wow! It was incredible knowing others were also singing wherever they were....all over the world." - Janet

"5 of us were doing a singing workshop all day at Sacred Grove Retreat Center--right at noon we went into the dance arbor --ran around to stir up some energies in the arbor then met at the center pole --held hands in circle and sang our spontaneous song together!!" - Annie

"Of course I forgot... but, my hubby decided to start singing a club beat right about the same time... we were in the airport & it got some people smiling & giggling!" - Neese

"The Day of the Song has been wonderful, the sun was shining, the colors of autumn were beautiful when I was singing with the birds walking along the lake." - Laila

"We joined the day of the song one day later 13.10.13. we were 12 people- 6 Israelis and 6 internationals. we walked around the Old City, holding the vision of a new unified world. at 12:30 we were on the porch overlooking the western wall and temple mount. very spontaneously we started singing heart tunes and dancing like a pulsating heart. this picture was taken on our way out of the Old City. you can see the Old way is walking away as the music and playfulness is here to stay." - Dvora

"Dearest FTO Family, mark your calendars for OCTOBER 12th at 12:00 NOON your time. This has grown into an annual event around the globe. It is the DAY OF THE SONG. At noon your time, wherever you are, for a few seconds CREATE a SPONTANEOUS SONG, NO WORDS, ONLY THE INTENTION OF LOVE. Let's create a WAVE OF SOUND that will encompass the earth, raising the vibration of all Life here. This is BASED ON A DREAM I received two years ago. This will only take a few seconds and, as a friend has shared, it only takes a "split of a split" of a second to change a Universe. Hope you'll sing with us!!" Jeanne White Eagle

This you can do by yourself, as a group of friends or as part of an organised gathering. The time to start is 12 noon, YOUR TIME. Please come and create a brand new spontaneous song with us with the intention of love.

If you would like to be part of this please watch the videos below. We love you!

Day of the Song - PART 1

Day of the Song - PART 2

Day of the Song - PART 3

Day of Sthe Song - PART 4

Day of the Song - PART 5

A Great Introduction to the day by Jeff Goldstein and Eliyahu Holley in Israel

Radio Interview
An interview held with Jeanne White Eagle on BlogTalkRadio. Jeanne talks about the Day of Song.

Listen to Internet Radio with Charlaine Hood LAPSW on Blog Talk Radio

Day of Song

The Day of Song is an annual event held worldwide. Anyone can join in. Please just watch the videos and read the information to find out more.

The DAY OF SONG on October 11th 2011 was amazing.

Worldwide, The World

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This event is held worldwide in groups of people or by yourself. Please join in with us! You would be so welcome.