Candy Barbee

Where from: USA

Being involved with John and Jeanne and the For the One Dance is bringing together many pieces of my spiritual path. I have been a Dancer since 1995 having danced 10 Drum Dances, 10 Women’s Web of Life Dances, 4 For the One Dances, 2 Long Dances and a Moon Dance and 2 Fire Dances.
I have Chiefed 5 Corn Harvest Dances in Tennessee.
I have chiefed 4 Drum Dances in Tennessee
I have served as Alpha Dog for at least 10 For the One Dances (including 4 youth dances), many Sun Moon Dances and Web Dances in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia for twenty-one years as well as various other capacities as support, drummer, kitchen, moon mother and firekeeper. I have served the Fire Dance as East Gate Firekeeper and Alpha Dog. I have been through the Chief/Crew training in North Carolina and the Ark Gatherings in Germany: I have Chiefed FTO Dances in Germany, South Africa, Norway (2), Israel (2) and Tennessee. I co-led the Gathering for Crew and Chiefs in NC with Brett Almond

Serving on the Center for Peace Council in Seymour, Tennessee USA for more than 14 years was a rewarding personal growth experience in working by group consensus.

I have been trained as a Community Building facilitator in Pathway to the Open Heart by Jeanne and John and have co-led trainings in Tennessee and South Africa.

In addition I have been involved in the international More To Life Program (formerly Life Training) for many years and have been trained in Hawaiian Huna and Core Shamanism journeywork.

I have been an organic beekeeper, and I do shamanic artwork and landscapes in water-media and sculpture. and leatherwork.

I believe that ceremonial dancing can take you places you cannot go in many other types of trainings and spiritual work. The For the One Dance with the combination of sound and dancing takes me deeply within. It is a way of prayer and communication with Spirit/God that it amazing in its scope. It can be transformative and life changing. Dancing opens pathways that are hard if not impossible to access in other ways in my experience.

I have been a ceremonial dancer and crew member since 1995 in various types of dances. It is a way of life for me-to come to the dances to serve or to dance. I had often attended 7 to 9 dances per year and usually dance at least 2 times a year.
It is the best way I know of clearing myself of limiting beliefs and opening myself to the Great Mystery.

For the One Dance Experience
Chiefed in 2007 with Brett Almond in GroBropperhausen,Germany.
Chiefed in 2007 with Dom De Bruin in Blue Hippo, South Africa
Assistant Chief in 2007 with Jason Dionne in Blue Hippo, SA
at World Youth Dance.
Chiefed in 2008 with John Pehrson in Norway.
Chiefed in 2009 with Brett Almond in Tennessee, USA
Chiefed in 2010 with Brett Almond in Mt. Carmel, Israel
Chiefed in 2011 with Brett Almond in Mt. Carmel, Israel.
Chiefed in 2012 with Hallstein Brandal in Rodoya, Norway.
Attended Ark Gathering in 2010, 2011, and 2012 in Germany.
Has Danced 4 FTO Dances in Tennessee.
Has attended Chief and Crew training in North Carolina.
Has been Alpha Dog numerous times at dances in NC and TN.
Co-led with Brett Almond the Crew and Chief Gathering in NC 2013

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks English.
Is Executive Director of For the One Organization.

Events including Candy Barbee
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
For the One Dance, North Carolina - USA    16 - 18 May 2014    Role: Chief
Open Heart Process - UK    8 - 12 April 2015    Role: Leader
For the One Dance - Norway    24 - 26 July 2015    Role: Chief