Brett Almond

Where from: England

I have been taking part in dance ceremony since 1993. In 2004 I felt a huge pull to attend my first “For the One” Dance in South Africa and even though I knew hardly anyone at the start of the dance, I had a feeling I was with “my tribe”. Since this time, I know many others have had similar experiences of feeling part of a global tribe. My feeling is we are learning to create a community that can live in true love and respect and thus nourish the very root of our souls.

Since this time, I have traveled as both member of the international crew and dancer to countries including Ireland, Israel, Norway, Germany, USA and Egypt. I stepped forward to Chief my first dance in Ireland during 2006.

The “For the One” Dance is a dance that breaks down internal boundaries and struggles that we all have. As we dissolve the boundaries, we find that love is actually our natural essence. We let go of parts of us that may hurt us. And we feel connected, at peace and loved in new ways.

Our first job in leading a dance like this is to create a place where everyone feels safe and protected. There is a whole team of experienced people at each dance that supports each dancer.

This is a Healing Dance that takes us to the very core of who we are through singing, dancing and fasting. The dance energy will stay with you the coming year and will feed your learning and soul. It will bless you.

If you wish to come and let go of that which you no longer need, but weren’t quite sure how to let go of it; if you wish to come be part of an experience that, although local in place, is global in its impact then come be with us. We need dancers; we need people to help in the kitchen, to help at the dance arbour, people to drum, etc.

Don’t be scared if you are not sure what this Dance is. Go into your heart and see if you are called to come. If you are, then email us. You will be amongst friends. Yes, at first it can sound strange - this singing, healing dance with drums, ceremony and personal break throughs - but it is connected to the ways our ancestors used to pray.

This is like a revival. A revival of spirit. A revival of our core essence. Feel in your heart if this is for you and go with what you feel.

I've been travelling with the For the One Dance since 2004, carrying out many different roles within the dance in many different countries. Prior to that I have been dancing Drum Dances and Sun-Moon Dances since 1993.

For the One Dance Experience
Attended Chief and Crew training in North Carolina, USA, 2006.
Chiefed in 2006 in Ireland with Sammye Jo Harvey and John Pehrson.
Chiefed in 2007 with Cheryl Braswell in Tennessee, USA.
Chiefed in 2007 with Candy Barbee in GroBropperhausen, Germany
Chiefed in 2008 with Anael Harpaz in Israel.
Chiefed in 2008 with Rhonda Joy Eagle in South Africa.
Chiefed in 2009 with Candy Barbee in Tennessee, USA.
Chiefed in 2010 with Candy Barbee in Israel.
Chiefed in 2011 with Candy Barbee in Israel.
Chiefed in 2013 in South Africa with Teresa Hutson
Chiefed in 2015 in Norway with Candy Barbee
Chiefing in 2016 in Israel with Haghit Rosenberg

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks English.
Owner of and

Events including Brett Almond
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
Crew & Chief Gathering - USA    20 - 25 September 2013    Role: Speaker
For the One Dance, Johannesburg - South Africa    15 - 17 November 2013    Role: Chief
Open Heart Process - UK    8 - 12 April 2015    Role: Coordinator
For the One Dance - Norway    24 - 26 July 2015    Role: Chief
For the One Dance - Israel 2016 - Israel    5 - 7 May 2016    Role: Chief