Anne Haraldsen

Where from: Norway

Anne Ragnhild has practiced sound meditation, shamanism and drumming for over 20 years. She has long experience with ceremonial healing work. She is a Sun Moon Dancer and has co-chiefed the Longdance as well as chiefed the Dance of Light, a dance she herself has found the inspiration to create together with Ole Bjørn.

For the One Dance Experience
Chiefed in 2010 with Ole Bjorn Michel in Norway.
Chiefed in 2011 with Ole Bjorn Michel in Norway.
She has attended the FTO as drummer, moon mother and dancer.

Languages & Personal Information
Speaks Norwegian and English.

On a daily basis Anne Ragnhild is an artist and art therapist. She thinks the most important thing in life is to help people finding back to the joy and happiness, which we all are born with on this beautiful mother earth.
Anne Ragnhild has attended the ”For The One” dance as Dancer, Drummer and Moonmother - and chief.

Events including Anne Haraldsen
For the One Dance - Norway    26 - 29 July 2013    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Norway - Norway    25 - 27 July 2014    Role: Head Moon Mother
CROATIA For the One Dance - Croatia    3 - 5 October 2014    Role: Chief
For the One Dance, Norway, 2016 - Norway    22 - 24 July 2016    Role: Chief