Mystical Numerology Overview for 2011

By John Pehrson

2011 Overview

At the macro level, the “Universal Year” or overall umbrella energy for 2011 is a “4” (2+0+1+1 = 4). When a “4” year rolls around, it is time to make practical decisions. It is time to get to work to put things back on-track and accomplish something practical.

The “4” represents commitment, discipline, effort, practicality, reason, order and organization. The “4” urges us to apply our minds to build something tangible in the practical world. It teaches the lesson of working with the power of expectations in a disciplined way to accomplish desired goals. And, it often involves learning to overcome obstacles. Its energy helps you to be organized, thorough, composed and direct.

It is also the energy of freedom, liberty, and justice that is sweeping across not only the Arab world with the wave of protests, revolutions and civil wars, but also in the Ivory Coast, and in less dramatic ways even in the United States. Just look at the wave of protests over Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio enacting laws to take away collective bargaining rights for the unions.

On a spiritual level, “4” is the connection between the mental realm and the Source of all things. It represents the universal energy field, pure consciousness and higher intellectual faculties. It is the number of “seeing” and “healing,” and the power to forgive. It is also service, and the power to ascend by giving or ourselves and our talents to help others.

The downside of the “4” stems from feeling unloved and insecure. People become fearful and paranoid. The need arises to dominate, and to fight and conquer others. Cunning, deceit and betrayal become part of the energy. It can also sparks wide-spread cynicism, as well as a tendency toward jealousy and/or possessiveness. It is a wicked mix. The antidote is heart-centered: forgiveness, love and joy.

Mayan Correspondence: The “4” is “Ix” which is the “Earth Mother,” her sacred sites and the guardians of those sacred sites. The totem animal is the Jaguar. So, there is an aspect of the “4” that is connected with the earth energy and keeping things secure and safe.

Secondary energy: 2011 is also the 11th year of the new century, so it also carries aspects of the “11.” This is about inspiration, intuitive guidance, and unexpected events. The high energy of the "11" can feel like being plugged into an electrical socket. And sometimes, the “11” energy is experienced like being dragged forward kicking and screaming into your/our destiny. The result may be positive in the long run, but it may be an adventurous, roller-coaster of a ride that's not always a lot of fun.

The positive side of the “11” brings a future-orientation. It is the energy of the trailblazer, change agent and reformer who helps to shape events. It is action-oriented, and is the number of strength, resilience, manifestation and collective outcomes. It supports connecting with others, deepening relationships, and reaching out to others. It is compassion, giving and volunteerism. And, it is the power of working with sound. It gives musicians added energy and inspiration. Healers can also work even more effectively by incorporating sound this year.

At a spiritual level, the “11” is number of the avatar and intuitive consciousness. All throughout this year, you may find that your natural intuitive abilities are stronger and more present.

The shadow side of the “11” shatters things and creates discontinuities. It foments revolts and the collapse of governments and existing structures. Materialism, power games, and terrorism are at their peak during this year, as are self-centeredness and superficiality … just as the pendulum gets ready to swing the other way. The result can be a mixture of powerlessness, angst, foreboding, and pessimism. You can begin to wonder if everything is just pointless. Or, what you can possibly do in the face of such forces.

The truth is that you can do a lot! And together, we can do more. We can be beacons of love and compassion who can shift outcomes and prophecies through our combined love and light.

Don Alejandro’s Message: Back in 1997, my wife, Jeanne White Eagle, spent a month in Guatemala with a Mayan elder and priest, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. He said that there would come a time when change would become so accelerated and intense that even the most unaware would have to wake up and see that something is really going on.

If you don’t think that something dramatic and new is already going on, here are just a sampling of the things that have happened in the first four months of 2011:

• Biblical-scale flooding in Australia affecting an area larger than Germany and France combined, and destroying some 35,000 homes;
• The worst flooding & mudslides in Brazil in at least 40 years;
• Mudslides in the Los Angeles area of the U.S.;
• 5000 birds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas; birds also falling dead from the sky in Texas, Kentucky, Canada, Sweden and Italy;
• 100,00 fish dead in the Arkansas River;
• 2 Million fish washing ashore in the Chesapeake Bay area in the U.S.;
• 100 ton fish kill in the coastal waters of Brazil;
• 40,000 crabs washing ashore in the UK (January 6);
• Four previously abundance species of bumblebee are close to disappearing in the U.S.;
• Massive snow storms in the U.S. and Europe that shut down airports and strangled transportation; 49 of the 50 U.S. states have snow on the ground (Jan 11);
• Magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Santiago del Estero, Argentina (Jan 1);
• 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Araucania, Chile (Jan 2);
• 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Vanatu in the South Pacific (Jan 9);
• 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the Loyalty Islands region of South Pacific (Jan 13);
• 9.0 magnitude earthquake in northern Japan and resulting tsunami cause extensive loss of life, and trigger a nuclear disaster.
• Mount Etna in Sicily erupts (Jan 13) – the result of recent seismic activity;
• Governor of Punjab Province in Pakistan assassinated for his progressive religious views (Jan 4);
• Gunman in Tucson, Arizona kills 6 people including a federal judge and a 9 year-old girl, and wounds 14 others (Jan 8);
• Iran Air flight 277 with 104 passengers crashes in northwest Iran, killing 77;
• Revolution in Tunisia ousts President ben Ali (Jan 14) wave of revolts and protests across the Arab world, including a civil war in Libya.
• And, at this writing, we are just 4 months into 2011!
Copyright © 2011, John B. Pehrson
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