Danette Spies

Where from: South Africa

I first met people from the For The One Dance in 2004, at Rustlers Valley. A year later I was back there with my mom to crew. When »idŪn (the Alpha Dog) asked me if I would help I was reluctant because I didnít know what it was about and I was scared of the unknown. I was 16 at the time and I had no idea what to expect.

There were two Dances, back-to-back. I was a Dog Soldier in the first dance, and the Towel Angel.
I donít know when I decided I would dance but the following weekend there I was, the youngest person up to that point ever to Dance the For The One. I am so glad I danced. There are things that our parents canít do for us, and the dance helped me to open up more, to be who I am, and it helped me grow up a little.

I have since Danced the World Youth Dance three times; at Blue Hippo in 2007, at Simunye Ngothando in 2008, and again in 2010 in Tennessee, USA.

The For The One Dance has been part of my life for a third of my life Ė even if I havenít been to all the dances. I am honoured to be a trainee Moon Mother in this coming Dance, to serve the Dancers as I have been served before and to learn more about the Dance. I believe it will be a powerful Dance and I am glad I will be a part of it.

For the One Dance Experience
2013 Kithchen Archangel, Simunye Ngothando, RSA
2010 went the International youth gathering Tennessee, USA
2010 Danced World Youth Dance, Centre for Peace, Knoxville, USA
2009 did not attend
2008 Danced, Simunye Ngothando, RSA
2007 Danced, Blue Hippo, RSA
2006 did not attend
2005 Danced, Rustler's Valley, RSA
2005 Towel Angel, Rustler's Valley, RSA

Languages & Personal Information
English, Afrikaans

Events including Danette Spies
For the One Dance, Johannesburg - South Africa    15 - 17 November 2013    Role: Kitchen Archangel
For the One Dance, South Africa - South Africa    28 - 30 November 2014    Role: Coordinator