A Tribute:

By Jeanne White Eagle

Over the years as the For The One Dance has grown and evolved there is one person that I wish to thank, among all the many in the community who have played such an important part in nurturing this extraordinary dance in its growth and continued evolution, and that is CANDY BARBEE. As the visionary of this beautiful dance, I have walked through the fires and ecstasy of its birth and had the blessing of having John Pehrson by my side. When the time came to release this dance Being from the proverbial nest several years ago, I prayed deeply and hard as to whom the person would be who would pick up this dance vision and take it to its next levels. It became clear that this was CANDY.

At every turn this decision was confirmed. Candy's courage to move beyond the beyond (as Joseph Rael might say), her willingness to continually show up and say YES, her huge generous heart and quick brilliant mind that together produce a rare and delicate balance not often found in a person, all together coupled with a childlike teachability and ancestral wisdom again not often found in the same individual, and soooo much more are just the beginning reasons why we confirmed what the Universe already knew... that this is who would carry the FTO Dance forward, this dance that brings into the collective consciousness that the "time of separation is over."

To wear the hat of Visionary has not been easy because there are always those who are challenged if their own comfort levels and belief systems are being asked to be examined, if their own hollow bones are being asked to be cleared, which is what the For the One Dance does. And when Candy accepted the responsibility as Caretaker of this dance, she experienced some of what I did when first birthing the dance...

...What so many forget or just don't know is that the For the One Dance will bring to the surface anything that is creating the illusion of separation. That's its job. T


hen it will help those brave enough to dance it, move through the illusion to the reality that all there really is is Love. For some this can be painful. For others, a threat. Knowing this, to step into the role that Candy said yes to, is one of the most courageous acts I know of. It requires a depth of soul that allows for the truly tough decisions while seeing through the eyes of love at all times. Granted there may be moments of "tough love" needed, but when such moments are executed from a place of deep integrity and strong character as are in Candy's underlying nature, then whatever happens, the ultimate result is going to be one that makes a powerful difference in the consciousness of all life on our beloved planet.

And so, dear Candy, this is to say thank you for all that you have done over these years. For your wisdom, your courage, your ability to keep a clear focus and to keep seeing through the eyes of love especially when others challenged you, for your extraordinary talent and abilities in abundant and innumerous areas, and finally for reaching out to others to help share the gift of carrying the dance forward (Irit Barber/Israel, Susie Spies/South Africa, Hlin Hansen/Norway, Vanja Kodnik/Croatia, and in time there may be more)... for all of this, dear Candy, and so much more, THANK YOU! Yes, we've said it many times, but it felt time to do it in this way. On behalf of a very grateful and loving ceremonial singing dance, FOR THE ONE, THANK YOU!! Hope you know how much you are LOVED!!!



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