2012: The End of An Age

By John Pehrson

The year 2012 and the Mayan Prophecies have been the topic of hundreds of articles over the past few years. There’s been considerable speculation about the possibility of coming disasters, fueled by a Hollywood blockbuster movie, 2012, that sensationalized the collective fears. Indeed, some fear the end of the world. Others believe that the year will usher in a new golden age of awakened consciousness. Still others see 2012 as merely a “mile marker” along the timeline of our common destiny.

The truth is, nobody really knows for sure what specific events will happen, not even the Mayans. Yet, it is possible to make general predictions. One such Mayan prediction is for an acceleration of events, and that is clearly taking place.

In 1997, Tata Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Kiche Mayan people in Guatemala, told my wife, Jeanne White Eagle, and me that, according to the Mayan prophecies, 2002 would mark the beginning of the “time of terror,” anticipating by almost five years the events of 9/11/2001. He also said that the year 2007–2012 would be what he called the “difficult times.” This period would be marked not only by economic hardship but also by the marked increase in the frequency and intensity of storms, earthquakes and volcanoes, and by a general acceleration in the pace of life. He said that by 2010, it would be clear to all who were even remotely aware that something was changing. This has proven to be true.

When asked about 2012, it was clear that Don Alejandro knew that the world wasn’t coming to an end. Rather, it was going to go through a fundamental transformation. It was Don Alejandro’s hope that people would “wake up” and become more spiritually aware, that they would at last understand that we are energetically interconnected with each other and with all of life. His hope was they would remember that the time of separation is over and, remembering this, they would begin to shift their lifestyles away from mass consumerism to something more holistic and environmentally responsible, and learn to get along with each other.

While it does seem that more and more people are experiencing an awakening, it is also clear that we haven’t yet reached a critical mass. When we do, it is likely that everything will shift. I happen to believe that this is the underlying purpose for the earth changes, economic hardships, and natural disasters – to move us collectively to an awakening point.

My view is that we are, collectively, in a time of fundamental transition in which something new is being born, and are experiencing the convulsions and chaos associated with the birth process. The contractions have begun. Nobody has the power to stop the birth that will take place at the close of 2012. But, we can choose either an easier birth … or a more difficult one. If people lock down into fear and denial, holding on as tightly as possible to the current status quo, then we’re going to have a rough ride.

Let’s take a closer look at 2012 and see if we can make some general predictions that might be helpful.
2012 marks the end of a 5125-year cycle called the “Great Sun Cycle.” This very precise cycle of 1,872,000 days ends on December 21, 2012. But, 2012 is also the end of a 12,960-year cycle of masculine polarity. The polarity is shifting to a feminine energy, and you can see evidence of this in world events as women step forward to claim their power. 2012 is also the end of a much longer 25,920-year cycle called the axial precession of the equinoxes during which the earth moves through all of the 12 zodiac signs (such as the current “Age of Aquarius”). With the confluence of the end points of all these cycles in 2012, it is no wonder that we are experiencing the chaos of something new being born. We can say with assurance that the foundations of our reality will shift in some fundamental way. But, there is collective uncertainty as to what to expect. If we must let go of the old to experience the new, just how profoundly will things change?
If we look at 2012 from the standpoint of Mystical Numerology, it may help to understand what to expect. At the macro level, the Universal Year or overall umbrella energy for 2012 is a “5” (2+0+1+2 = 5). “5” years embody the connection between the infinite, spiritual dimension and the personal, emotional dimension of life. It brings a connection with ancestral spirits. Spirit reaches down to touch our hearts and infuse us with knowing. It is the Goddess energy of the feminine archetype, the medium between the silent voice of Spirit and the open hearts who hear it. It brings the power to conceive and create. It is the energy of desire and fertility, and the caring energy of friends. It puts the land and nature in the spotlight.

The “5” year activates divine longing, teachability, education, and inquisitiveness. It is the dynamic verb-reality that emphasizes the flow of energy and freedom, and the drive to seek the answers to life’s fundamental questions. Balance and harmony arise from movement, play and laughter. It is very expansive and can be hard to handle, akin to drinking light from a cosmic fire hose.

With the “5” energy, Spirit is in charge, sending visions and insights and, if necessary, shaking up our lives by breaking down whatever blocks the flow of life’s energy.

The “5” energy wants freedom, change and spontaneity. It doesn’t like limitations or boundaries. This year is about finding a new sense of sustainable freedom that will take us fully into a new age as we leave behind whatever no longer serves us as a worldwide community.

The “5” is also about learning the power of a focused, directed intention to create whatever inspires you. In the Jewish Kabbalah, “5” is considered the number of understanding. Like the five fingers on the hand being able to grasp something, the “5” gives the insight to understand things as ancient wisdom connects with us at a heart level. It this kind of knowing that gives the ability to shape ideas, projects, and life events through the power of imagination and intention.

Personal and collective balance this year comes from cultivating the freedom to create, and to pursue the beauty of life. Artistic endeavors, music, creativity, play, and the powerful energy of sexuality are all possible ways to strengthen the spiritual—emotional connection and stay in balance.

Women’s rights, gay rights, race relations are all highlighted this year.

Downside: Obstacles to the flow of energy this year create chaos, restlessness or lethargy, obsessiveness, and denial. Karmic issues arise. The “ego-mind” wants to reassert control but is not in charge. It is the year of the Apocalypse. Pain and grief can result. Racism and the ugly beast of war may raise their heads again, hopefully for the last time.

Kiche Mayan Correspondence: The “5” is “Tzikin,” the “Birds” who are considered the intermediaries with the spirit realm and higher consciousness.

2012 is also the 12th year of the new century, so it also carries aspects of the “12.”

In general, the “12” is the Visionary, Pathfinder, Promoter, and Achiever. It is the energy that shapes things on a large scale – even through small beginnings. It’s helpful to remember that each action that is taken has an effect for seven generations (140-150 years). So, small shifts and innovations in 2012 will result in big changes in the future.

The “12” is the energy of women, and is procreative and strong. It will bring the shift from masculine to feminine polarity into brilliant focus in 2012. The “12” is also the strength of the mountain, and is most powerful when it is in service to a higher ideal. It is connected with spiritual law and religion. These are clues to how we can collectively make the transition from old to new in 2012. If we open to the visionary part of ourselves, have the strength to serve something larger than ourselves, and become more “spiritual” and less strictly “religious” – in the sense of feeling that “my way” or “my religion” is the one “right way” – then we can collectively mitigate or soften much of the potential hardships that come to force us out of stuck places.

Downside: The “12” energy often shakes things up, causing “breakdowns” to get to “breakthough.” It is the perfect energy to clear away the old so the new can take its place. It is the energy of earthquakes, explosions and wildfires, and can bring trials that come suddenly and unexpectedly. It can also manifest as absolutism, extremism and obsession. It brings self-doubt and exposes the inept. Yet, all these qualities ultimately prompt us to come together and make positive changes.

Mayan Correspondence: “12” is called “Iq,” the Wind, the Breath of the Creator, and the air that we breathe. It is inspiration, and the principle of vitality that gives life and intuition. “Iq” is also represented by hurricanes and tornadoes that shake things up.

It is within each of us to activate either the positive aspects of these energies (the “5” and “12” described above), or experience the downsides. The physical world – matter itself – is more malleable than we have been taught. It is susceptible to the influence of our intention and focused attention. The most essential ingredient in creating our experience is our level of conscious awareness. To the extent that we can collectively awaken to our higher potential, we can minimize the trials predicted in this time of transformation, and find the new opportunities that are waiting at the end of 2012. One age is coming to a close. A new one is beginning. Let’s make it a time of peace, prosperity and unlimited potential!

Written March, 2010
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